My Son Turns 2: How to Celebrate a Toddler’s Birthday


When it comes to celebrating a toddler’s birthday, it’s important to know your child’s personality. Princess is a social butterfly and loves parties. Her little brother, on the hand, is the complete opposite. He’d rather have something simple, than a big birthday party. We decided to do something different. We started the day with opening presents. We then…

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Can Black People Get Sunburn?


I’ve heard people say that there’s no way that black people can get sunburn. Well, that’s absolutely false. My first sunburn experience happened when I was studying abroad in Spain. I’d spend the morning in class and then spend the rest of the day at the beach soaking up the sun. To be honest, I…

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How to Accessorize Hair and Makeup W/ Eddie Borgo


I’ve teamed up with Eddie Borgo for Target to bring you some awesome styles. We’re talking ways to jazz up your hair and makeup with accessories. This collection ranges from classic to rocker-cool. Head over to to purchase jewelry from Eddie Borgo’s line. Make sure you share on social media with the hashtag: #EddieBorgoForTarget….

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7 Tips For Attending Blogher Locally (GIVEAWAY)


Conferences are a great for connecting with bloggers and brands, getting inspiration, hearing about some amazing stories of hardships and triumphs, as well as learning about the latest techs and social media trends. When I heard that Blogher was being held in New York, I immediately purchased my early bird ticket. I was excited that…

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