Her First Cell Phone at Almost 11 Months!

According to a CBS news article written last year, the number of cell phone subscriptions across the globe has reached the billions.  So I figured since most people have cell phones, why not get one for my little Princess. It only makes sense right?  She always yapping away, and whenever anyone’s on the phone, she has to get her two cents in.  Just check her out in these pics!

My hubby and I have tried getting her a fake baby cell phone.  You know, the one that makes funny noises and plays music.  Well, that worked for about a half a second.  Trust me, she knows the difference.  She loves the bright lights and all, but she knows what’s fake from what’s real.  She is a smart cookie.  We’ve decided to get her a simple plan with texting included (she’s not quite ready for internet access just yet).  She really wanted the iphone, but we explained to her about the importance of taking baby steps first.  If she does well at daycare, we may surprise her with one for Christmas.  For now, she has this phone featured above.  Hey as long as it works, it’s all good.  Otherwise, she’ll end up like this.

For those of you, who think that we bought her a real cell phone with a real plan, you can exhale now.  It’s totally fake!  We just charged one of our old phones for her to use.  But guess what, she’s already figured out that it doesn’t really work.  Hey, you can’t blame us for trying!  Now it’s back to square one.

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  1. Hazelin Williams says

    This is priceless! These children are just too darn smart. But look at that expression on her face. Little Miss Thang.

  2. says

    Adorable!! Same thing happened with Lil J. Now my bro is giving him his old iPhone to play with haha.

    Your girl is just way too cute!!

  3. says

    lol! Thanks Hazelin! She is a trip!

    {Swank}mama, Lil J is ballin’. I havent moved up to the newest iphone just yet. Maybe I’ll pass it along to her, when I do. Might as well recycle while keeping her happy!

  4. says

    I noticed that our kids don’t use their play phones b/c they don’t see US (the parents) on them–so I talked into our old cell phones for about a week, and then they started playing with them.

    It’s really funny, b/c they try to do impressions of us on the phone, and they say all of our phrases and sayings! 🙂

  5. says

    Ha ha! SO funny! Thanks for the comment love so I stopped by to return some 😉 My daughter Nia is the same way but she completely destroyed my old BlackBerry. I can’t even fathom how she did it. She played with it so well for a few days then suddenly one day I stepped away and when I came back it was literally ripped apart. Babies are so destructive sometimes!