Happy New Year!

For me, 2012 is about moving forward.  These past few years brought a lot of sadness and joy.  We’ve had to deal with the loss of family members.  My hubby and I welcomed a new addition to our family.  After spending almost a year being unemployed, he and I are finally in the process of getting our financial plans back on track.  In 2012 I plan to give myself a kick in the butt (figuratively speaking of course).  

I’ll be back to my penny pinching days because we’re saving for a new home!  I know it’ll be awhile before we move.  In the meantime, we’ll be scaling back on dining out and other frivolous spending.  Don’t get me wrong, we deserve a treat on special occasions.  But for the most part, I’ll be putting my culinary skills to good use.

My hubby was granted a transfer, and now works closer to home.  I’m also quite satisfied with my job situation, and look forward to making some career strides in the new year.  I look forward to many more milestones with Princess as well.  Jeez, it’s so hard to imagine her being a two year old!   Her birthday will be here before ya know it!

I plan to continue blogging.  It’s become a hobby of mine and from what I hear and read, you guys enjoy it too.  Photography is another thing I’ve picked up a long the way.  I want to take some classes to make my photos pop.  I’m not that crafty, but I am a great cook!  So, I’ll be posting more recipes in 2012.

There’s a lot more things I plan to accomplish this year.  I’ve got a lot more things up my sleeve.  I’ll be sure to reveal a bit more when the time comes.

I hope you have a prosperous and healthy new year!  What are your plans for 2012?

Weather Anchor Mama



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    Happy new year to you, I hope that this year brings you everything that you hope for.

    I am looking forward to 2012, our biggest hope is to give T-man a sibling.