Quality Time

Lately I’ve been feeling torn between being a mom and career woman.  I even asked my hubby the other day. “What if I become a stay at home mom?”  He shot me the ‘you must be crazy look.’  It would be kinda nice to spend everyday with Princess.  But, staying home would mean putting the idea of buying our second home on the back burner.  Much props to SAHMs!

Sometimes I wish I could quit my weather gig.  But let’s face it, I enjoy what I do too much.  I love my job and I love being a mom.  I guess you can say I like to have my cake and eat it too.  There would other factors to consider if we were to even entertain the idea of me staying home.  How would it affect our finances?  Plus, how would pulling Princess out of the daycare she loves so much affect her?  It’s like pulling her our of school.  Rather than make drastic changes to our schedule, I’d rather take time off from work whenever possible.  So, I did just that!

Even though I stayed home, I still took Princess to daycare so that I could get some studying done.  My hubby ditched work early and we were able hit up one of our favorite spots for lunch–something we rarely get to do alone.  The day went by so quickly. Before we knew it, it was time to pick Princess up.

We enjoyed some family time, and I got to put my baby to bed.  Before she hit the sack, Princess insisted on reading her new story time books she got from Auntie Sophia.

Fun times!  As you can see, she had a hard to putting the books away.

I love spending quality time with my baby girl.

Weather Anchor Mama



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    Awww glad you had such a fun family day! And although it’s sad Princess is still cute crying when she puts her toys away. Hope you get to take more time off to be together often!

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