Macaroni & Cheese!

Like any other day, I made dinner before leaving for work. Today chicken and rice was being served. But, clearly Princess was craving something else entirely. My hubby sent me this clip.

It’s a shame her dad can’t cook.  I guess I’ll be making homemade mac and cheese tomorrow.

Weather Anchor Mama



  1. says

    🙂 I’m not a huge fan of processed foods…but in a pinch…the Velveeta shells and cheese that you put in the microwave aren’t too shabby. My girls refused to eat macaroni and cheese forever. Now that I stash a Shells and Cheese away for myself they have decided they like eating it now. Of course.

    Her hair is growing like crazy. In another year you’ll be amazed how much it has grown. Love her curls.

  2. Carmen says

    Beanie found this video very funny and started throwing himself on the floor screaming mac and cheese!

  3. says

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