A Scavenger Hunt Fit for a Princess

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve kicked off our Family Summer Fun Series! I’ve been trying to find creative ways for us to enjoy the outdoors, which can be hard to do nowadays. I’m limited in terms of the amount of travel I can do at the moment. With baby number two set to arrive in less that four weeks, I’ve got to keep things simple. So, I’ve decided to put together a scavenger hunt fit for a Princess.

I’ve gotten tons of ideas on Pinterest for different kinds of scavenger hunts. Since Princess is only two-years-old, I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

1.The first thing I did was think of a theme. She’s always loved Princess,so why not have a scavenger hunt fit for a princess!

2. I created a list of fun things to do, which involved learning and creativity.

3. Using my mediocre photoshop skills, I put together this list of things to do. Her dad can help her read it. You can also draw a map, if you really want to get creative!

Scavenger Hunt

4. I kept everything outdoors. With Daddy’s help she was able to get from point A to point B.

5. This was a solo hunt. But feel free to involve your kiddos friends and siblings. The more the merrier. But, make sure that everyone gets a prize. Everyone deserves to be a winner!

Check out the video to see how Princess did!