Baby’s First Video

When it comes to creating memories, I promised myself that I would treat both kids equally. So far, I’ve been keeping my word. I think Baby O has as much pictures as his big sis – if not more. My baby’s first video is something that I’ve been working hard at putting together for months, and I’m so glad that it’s finally finished.

It’s crazy to see how much Baby O has grown. Giving birth to him seems like yesterday. I remember seeing him for the first time and falling in love instantly, as I did with Princess.


Baby O 4 months

Princess & Baby O 3yrs,4mo
This blog serves as a platform in which I can document my journey as I try to balance career and motherhood (among other things). I love creating memories for my kids. I hope that they read this site some day, see all the photos and videos, and know how much they are loved. Hope you enjoy the video.

Baby O First Few Months from Weather Anchor Mama on Vimeo.