Disney’s Maleficent: Princess Aurora Inspired Twistback

If you ask Princess who her favorite Disney Princess is, she’d probably say Aurora. The other day all the girls were asked to dress as Princesses, and all the boys as pirates. I resurrected Baby O’s Halloween costume, which actually still fits.

pirate costume

I wanted to recreate Aurora’s twistback, as seen in Disney’s Maleficent.



Courtesy Disney

I wanted to keep the same softness as seen in the photo above, and Princess’s texture is perfect for this style. We accomplished this look in five easy steps.

1. First I dampened her hair with leave-in condition and water. It’s best to style curly hair when wet to prevent breakage. If you have naturally straight hair, you can always create spirals with a medium barrel curling iron or rollers.

2. Next, I parted her hair in the middle and left a few curls out to frame her face.

3. Then I twisted each side, leaving the back loose. For each twist, I used a tiny bit of kinky curling custard for a soft hold.

3. Once I completed each twist, I loosely pulled them to the back with an elastic crunchy.

4. Then I wrapped the hair around the crunchy and secured it with bobby pins.

5. Then I added jewel accessories and voila!

Disney's Maleficient

Disney's Maleficient

Disney's Maleficient

Disney's Maleficient

Disney's Maleficient