Why You Shouldn’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

I stopped making new year’s resolutions a long time ago. They are a waste of time. Just think about it; you commit to losing 20 pounds and five months later you end up gaining ten. It’s happened to so many of us. Rather than setting ‘resolutions,’ set goals.

Let’s start with the definition of the word resolution. It’s a firm decision to do or not to do something.  So basically you are either going to lose weight or not. However, when you set a goal for yourself, you have plan to accomplish something. It involves effort to reach an end results.

When you set a goal, you’re setting yourself up for success. That’s message that I share with my children. 

How many times have you heard someone say that he’s going to quit smoking, and a few days later that person is lighting up a cigarette outside?

I was that guy once. I’ve never picked up a cigarette, but I did set a resolution to drop the excess baby weight after having Princess. Did lose the weight? Hell no. Those extra 10 to 15 pounds stuck to me like white on rice.

That said, I’ve come up with some goals that I plan to achieve in 2015.


1. Get back in the dating game. When you’re married, life gets busy. Most nights I get home, the kids are asleep and my hubby’s knocked out on the couch. Weekends are our family time. When the kids go to bed, we have couple time. But we plan on making us more of a priority.


2. Find time for me. As moms, we often put our family’s needs before our own. However, we should put aside time for ourselves. I equate it to an airplane’s oxygen mask. You have to put your mask on first before you can help the next person, in case of an emergency right. So, why don’t we do that in our every day lives?

I’ve never been the type to get my nails done, but maybe I should start. Maybe I should hit up the spa every few months. I’m well overdue for a facial and massage. When I’m relaxed, I’m a better wife, mom, daughter, and friend. Taking care of yourself makes you a better person. As I tell Princess, when you feel good, you do good.

3. Complete a 10k race. Notice I didn’t say train – that’s because I haven’t been running since my maternity leave back in 2013. I do plan on getting back into training mode in the coming weeks though. The plan is to start off slow and work my way towards that final goal.

4. Get focused. I have a few things down the pipeline that I’m working on, which I’ll reveal soon.

5. Get better organized. I wouldn’t exactly say that I have a messy house. It’s more like random things in random places. Just the other day I saw Princess’s old pacifier in my sock drawer. I plan on tidying things up a bit, from my cell phone to my computer, and my house.

Do you believe in setting New Year’s resolutions? What are your plans for 2015?



  1. Chrissie says

    Amen to all of this! I so agree! I quit doing resolutions long time ago because no matter what plan I set for myself, God always had other plans so hey I just go with the flow! LOL! I plan on running in a 10-miler this year so I’m excited for that!

  2. says

    When I heard the announcement about Chris Rock and his wife, I thought about you and the conversation we had at BlogHer 2012. Thus, the announced didn’t leave me stunned at all. Instead I felt an immense amount of sympathy for their relationship and the cost of fame and family. Your blog is looking great, your family is beautiful. All the best in 2015.

  3. says

    These are all great goals. I personally need more QUALITY time with my hubby too. That’s definitely on my list for 2015. More REAL date nights. More family vacations. More outdoor adventures…away from the desk.