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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by Weather Anchor Mama. Some may know me as the sassy, but classy weather anchor in New York City – having worked at CBS, WNYW Fox 5, and NBC.

I’ve been in the news biz for over ten years and you can catch reporting weather conditions weekday evenings at News 12.

But when I’m not chasing storms, I’m busy running after my two kids. In fact, my family is a common theme throughout my blog.

Some would even say that we have an interesting dynamic. I’m a black woman from Jamaica and my husband is American, of Irish and German descent. We have two beautiful biracial children, who you will also get know.

Our daughter Princess is very much like her Mama – fun, loving, and speaks her mind. Her little brother, Young O, is just as loving and funny. He is a happy guy with a ton of energy, and is quite a character.

Yes, I’ve come a long way since moving to the U.S. from Jamaica. I once struggled to find my own identity within the American culture. Now a confident and self-assured woman, I want to help my kids find their own identity. I want to teach them that they too can weather the storm when faced with adversity.

When I gave birth to my daughter in August 2010, posting baby photos was the furthest thing from my mind. But after some soul searching, I had a change of heart.

I began Weather Anchor Mama as a way of documenting my adventures of balancing career and motherhood in 2011. It became a digital scrapbook providing family and close friends with updates of our baby girl. I’ve shared many triumphs including my pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys, putting my daughter through potty training boot camp, as well as my post pregnancy weight loss.

In addition to my successes, there have been some challenges too. I’ve written about suffering from hair loss, which served as the catalyst to saying good-bye to the creamy crack.

My blog has evolved since giving birth to my son in July 2013. Now my core mission is raising my children to weather the storm. My series, Lessons for Our Children aims at guiding them through life. I also like to bring the fun to blogging. My Weather Fun For Kids series feature cool weather-related activities that you can try at home with your children. You’ll also me blogging about culture, career, healthy living, and naturally curly hair.

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