Curly Hairstyle of the Week: Holiday Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair


Now that the holiday season is upon us, why not come up with festive holiday hairstyles to match your little girl’s festive dress. For our Curly Hairstyle of the Week, Princess and I came up with a cute flat twist and bun combo that complemented her naturally curly hair. Curly Hairstyle of the Week: Holiday…

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Curly Hairstyle of the Week: Fishtail Ponytail Braid


Our Curly Hairstyle of the Week is the fishtail ponytail braid. It’s a simple hairstyle that can be dressed up or down. But, what we love most about this style is that it can be done in 5 minutes or less. We begin by detangling her curly hair with water and leave-in conditioner. Once Princess’s…

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Curly Hairstyle of the Week: Easy French Braid in 5 Minutes or Less


It was all about the letting Princess’s curls hang loose this past summer.We were able to achieve the perfect wash-n-go in six easy steps. This fall it’s all about braided hairstyles. For our Curly Hairstyle of the Week, we decided to share a quick video tutorial on how to do a easy french braid in 5 minutes or less….

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Curly Hairstyle of the Week: How to do an Infinity Braid


Princess starts kindergarten this week and coming up with cute curly hairstyles is on my to-do-list. When it comes to caring for her biracial hair, keeping curls moisturized is key. As the mercury drops, low manipulation is also important to maintaining healthy hair. So for our Curly Hairstyle of the Week check out this infinity…

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Check Out My Daughter in this Week’s Issue of People Magazine!


When we heard that Princess would be in this week’s issue of People Magazine, to say we were excited is just an understatement. We didn’t want to share the news with her immediately because I wanted to capture the moment.   Her initial reaction was priceless. This is truly a memorable moment that will last a lifetime….

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Biracial Hair Care: How to Protect Natural Hair From Salt and Chlorine


When it comes to swimming, protecting natural hair from salt and chlorine is key to the overall health of your curls. Caring for my daughter’s biracial hair has been a concern because she’s always at the pool, beach, or running through the sprinklers. Whether you’re kiddo is a novice or experience swimmer, salt and chlorine…

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Can Black People Get Sunburn?


I’ve heard people say that there’s no way that black people can get sunburn. Well, that’s absolutely false. My first sunburn experience happened when I was studying abroad in Spain. I’d spend the morning in class and then spend the rest of the day at the beach soaking up the sun. To be honest, I…

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How to Accessorize Hair and Makeup W/ Eddie Borgo


I’ve teamed up with Eddie Borgo for Target to bring you some awesome styles. We’re talking ways to jazz up your hair and makeup with accessories. This collection ranges from classic to rocker-cool. Head over to to purchase jewelry from Eddie Borgo’s line. Make sure you share on social media with the hashtag: #EddieBorgoForTarget….

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