Celebrating Milestones on Christmas

This holiday season was extra special because it was Baby O’s first. It’s crazy how time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when we welcomed him into our family.

In addition to celebrating Christmas, we celebrated Baby O turning five months old. But, that wasn’t the only surprise. He sat up for the first time ever on Christmas Eve. You can check it out for yourself!

My favorite part about being a parent is watching my kids grow. There’s nothing like celebrating a milestone.

Baby O sitting up

When it came to celebrating the holiday, we chose to keep things simple. Princess and I wrapped presents and placed them under the tree on Christmas Eve. We also baked cookies for Santa. Then the four of us watched Christmas specials until bedtime. We ended the night reading books, which included Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Santa Cookies

Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas morning started with a nice healthy breakfast, followed by opening gifts. We then attended church and stopped by my in-laws.

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013

We made it back home in time to see my nephew and his Mom for a little while. I prepared dinner, and we enjoyed the rest of the day as a family.


Baby O and Aunt Kim

Here’s to making more holiday memories and many more milestones!

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Making Chocolate Covered Pretzels for the Holidays

We’ve been going hard all weekend trying to tie up lose ends before the holidays. My hubby had to work over the weekend, so Christmas shopping was left up to me. I hit the ground running the moment I woke up on Saturday. I think I might have gone to at least five stores and stood on lines that stretched about a mile. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit about the lines. But, you get the idea. Shopping took hours! I wanted to hurry back so that Princess and I could make chocolate covered pretzels for the holidays.

I know you’re probably thinking that I should have done all my shopping online, and you’re absolutely right. That’s exactly what I did last year. However, I was inundated with so many things that I kept putting it off. Needless to say, I finally got it all done. Plus, I was able to get some mommy daughter time in too and Princess helped me wrap all the gifts (except for her own, of course).

Holiday gift


We finally had time to make our chocolate covered pretzels. As you can see in the video, we hit a bit of a snag trying to complete our little project. Despite the minor set back, my little girl did a great job. Check her out!

Have you made any homemade holiday treats this year?

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Old Holiday Traditions Worth Reviving

Check out more holiday traditions worth reviving at BabyCenter.

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Ways to Celebrate Christmas

I know that I’m probably beating a dead horse. But in the spirit of the holidays, and the hard work that Princess and I put into making the Christmas video clip below, I figure what they heck.

I’ve written about the dilemma my hubby and I had regarding how we wanted to celebrate the holiday. We struggled with whether or not to give in to having our kids believe in Santa. Through much debate we decided, why not? The kids will only be kids once, so we might as well play along. With that said, I’ve been thinking about other ways to celebrate Christmas. Like previous years, Princess helped daddy decorate the tree.

Princess and daddy Xmas

We also open gifts on Christmas morning.

Christmas morningNow that Baby O has joined our family, I’m trying to come up with ways to incorporate him into the festivities too. For starters, we made footprints that we’ll add to holiday decorations.



We’ll be taking Christmas pictures this weekend, and doing some other fun crafty things. Baking cookies for Santa is a must this year, along with attending church on Christmas morning. I also plan on introducing the kids to Boxing Day, something we celebrated back home in Jamaica.

I’ve better get a move on it, Christmas is just around the corner.

Please share some of your holiday traditions?

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Holiday Prep

Have you prepared for the holidays, or are you a procrastinator like me?


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Debating What to Do About Santa

It seems like the holidays came so fast this year.  Every where I turn I see Christmas lights!  I think that retailers skipped over Thanksgiving decorations and went right to the Christmas displays.  Technically, this will be Princess’s second Christmas.  Last year she was only a few months old and didn’t really get to enjoy it.  All she wanted to do was eat through the gifts.  She was also sick with bronchiolitis during the holidays.  So, I wasn’t thinking about going all out with decorations and pictures.  I’m not a Scrooge!  I was just more concerned with nursing my baby girl back to health.
Now that she’s doing much better this year (fingers crossed), I have no excuse.  I came across this pic of my hubby’s first Christmas.  His mom dressed him in this cute outfit for his photo with Santa.  

It got me thinking of whether or not I should do the same for Princess.  I was never taught to believe in Santa.  In fact, my siblings and I were told there was no such thing.  I was the kid who went around school saying Santa was fake.  I should also mention that by the time my family and I migrated to this country, I think most kids had already realized the truth.  Therefore, I probably didn’t ruined Christmas for a lot of kids.  I hope.  
Now that I’m a mom, I’m not quite sure what to do.  I’ve always moved to the beat of my own drum.  I’ve never been the kind of person to do things just because everyone else is doing them.  But, I grapple with depriving my baby girl of this American tradition.  Some may say I’m over thinking this, but I say I don’t want my daughter feeling left out.  I also wouldn’t want her running around saying Santa is fake, and ruin Christmas for her schoolmates.  
I was at the mall with some relatives over the Thanksgiving break and someone mentioned, “Why don’t you have her take a picture with Santa?”  I can’t remember if I gave a response.  But, I did feel that it was a waste of time.  Why should I have her take a photo with this make believe person?  Why should I tell my child that this white old fat guy with a beard visits all the kids who are nice, and gives them presents?  I remember having a discussion with my brother and sister back in the day.  We questioned the idea of this guy, and his reindeer being able to deliver gifts all over the world in one night.  It just didn’t make sense!  I still see some parents go all out to feed this nonsense to their little ones.  These poor kids actually believe it.  They wait on this long line at the mall just to take a pic with him.  When they finally get old enough to understand the truth, they’re heart broken.  Do I put my child through that same heartache, or do I keep it real with her?  It’s bad enough that I feel like a hypocrite doing a Santa tracking forecast every year at work.

The way I see it, her daddy and I work hard to support our family.  We’re responsible for all the gifts, along with all the people who love her.  Why should I give this man, who doesn’t exist, all the credit?
If I have her take a pic with this guy, I feel like I’d be perpetuating this fakery.  I’m kinda torn.  I knew that I’d have a tough time making these kinds of decisions, when it came to the holidays.  I certainly don’t mind compromising like I did for Halloween.  But, I’m just not sure about this one.

My hubby and I celebrated Christmas differently as kids.  He believed in Santa until he was about seven or eight.  I never did.  I’m leaning more toward teaching Princess about the real meaning of Christmas and how it came about.  Instead of making a list, I want her to have an appreciation for all the gifts she’s given.  My hubby and I have a lot to discuss.  Let’s just hope we can arrive at a nice balance.  I’ll let you know what we come up with.

Do (did) your kids believe in Santa?  Do (did) they take pics on his lap?

Weather Anchor Mama

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