Holiday Photos 2014


After last weekend’s minor set back, we decided to give holiday photos another shot. This time we got an early start. Young O has been a bit cranky lately, so being strategic in how we planned for the day was essential. Rather than have the kids nap before our shoot, we decided to get them camera […]

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We Had a Minor Set Back in Our Christmas Preparation


These last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. In between working and studying for exams, I’ve been trying to arrange Christmas preparation with the family. I had the perfect plan in place. But the man upstairs decided to throw some curve balls our way, which set us back. I had it […]

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How to Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Minted Cards


Things get pretty busy during the holidays. In fact, it sneaks up on you out of nowhere – at least that’s how I feel. Every year I find myself scrambling to send out holiday cards to family and friends. I’d plan to set up a family photo shoot, but end up being pressed for time […]

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Celebrating Milestones on Christmas

Baby O sitting up

This holiday season was extra special because it was Baby O’s first. It’s crazy how time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when we welcomed him into our family. In addition to celebrating Christmas, we celebrated Baby O turning five months old. But, that wasn’t the only surprise. He sat up for the […]

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Making Chocolate Covered Pretzels for the Holidays

We’ve been going hard all weekend trying to tie up lose ends before the holidays. My hubby had to work over the weekend, so Christmas shopping was left up to me. I hit the ground running the moment I woke up on Saturday. I think I might have gone to at least five stores and […]

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Old Holiday Traditions Worth Reviving

Check out more holiday traditions worth reviving at BabyCenter.

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Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Princess and daddy Xmas

I know that I’m probably beating a dead horse. But in the spirit of the holidays, and the hard work that Princess and I put into making the Christmas video clip below, I figure what they heck. I’ve written about the dilemma my hubby and I had regarding how we wanted to celebrate the holiday. […]

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Holiday Prep

Have you prepared for the holidays, or are you a procrastinator like me?

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Debating What to Do About Santa

It seems like the holidays came so fast this year.  Every where I turn I see Christmas lights!  I think that retailers skipped over Thanksgiving decorations and went right to the Christmas displays.  Technically, this will be Princess’s second Christmas.  Last year she was only a few months old and didn’t really get to enjoy […]

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