Highlights From Our Family Trip!

Sesame Place

It’s not often you that I post a family vlog. In fact, this is the first time. Over the summer, we took a trip to Sesame Place. If you know me and have been reading my blog, then you’re fully aware of how much I love snapping photos and videos of our kiddos. Here are […]

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How We Spent Labor Day Weekend


It’s the unofficial end to summer, and while most people flock to the beaches over Labor Day weekend, we chose to avoid it all together because of the crowds. With all the heat and humidity, we wanted to get the kids out of the house. There was no point having them cooped up inside all day. I did […]

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Video: My Husband and I Recap Our Family Vacation (Bloopers)


It’s not often that my hubby makes an appearance. I’m still trying to get him to write a guest post on my blog. But, he actually did something even better! He sat down with me to chat about our recent family vacation. We share tips on traveling with kids. I also included bloopers toward the […]

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6 Tips For Planning an Amazing Theme Park Vacation


Now that the summer is winding down, I thought is would be a great idea to wrap up the season with an amazing theme park vacation. As the fifth installment to our Family Fun Summer Series, my hubby and I decided to take the kids to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. Here’s a wrap up along with […]

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How to Throw an Awesome Fairy Birthday Party


On the heels of Baby O’s fabulous Baptism and birthday celebrations, the pressure was on to plan on awesome birthday party for Princess. Some people suggested we combine everything into one big bash. But that would have been hard to do considering Princess is at such an active age. Besides, she’s been looking forward to an […]

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Family Fun Summer Series: Salute to America


It’s not everyday we get to take the kiddos to see a concert and fireworks. This weekend my hubby and I did just that. For our “Family Fun Summer Series,” we thought the kids would enjoy it. Besides, it was free! Well, actually our tax dollars fund these types of events. But, whatever. The town hosts different […]

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Family Fun Summer Series: 4th of July Weekend Beach Trip


Our annual Family Fun Summer Series got off to a late start this year. Baby O has been a little under the weather, so we’ve had to keep things pretty simple. Plus, we’ve had a ton of parties and other events to attend these past few weekends. Now that everything has simmered down a bit, […]

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End of School & Gearing Up For Summer Fun

Baby o

I don’t know where the time went. After a brutal winter, the months have been flying by. It’s the last week of school and the kids are so excited. It’s a good thing my hubby reminded me about getting something for the kids’ teachers. I was able to run out yesterday to pick up something […]

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Juggling Being a Mom of Two

Welcome baby o

I knew that being a mom of two would have it’s challenges. Don’t get me wrong, things are working out just fine. But, it’s been a juggling act trying to balance my time between two kids. Even though I am on maternity leave, I still have lots of exams to prepare for. So, I’m still […]

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Summer Fun Gardening

Planting Seeds

I’ve had to keep our Family Summer Fun Series close to home for obvious reasons. I’m due any day now, and still want to enjoy the wonderful outdoor as a family. Having fun is always the goal, but it’s also important for Princess to learn. Recently, she and some classmates planted a seed in this […]

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A Scavenger Hunt Fit for a Princess

Scavenger Hunt

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve kicked off our Family Summer Fun Series! I’ve been trying to find creative ways for us to enjoy the outdoors, which can be hard to do nowadays. I’m limited in terms of the amount of travel I can do at the moment. With baby number two set […]

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Surviving Tantrums on Road Trips

Summer is almost here! With that said, I’m gearing up for my “Family Summer Fun” series. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably remember last year’s installments. We’re less than two months away from D-day, and our little girl won’t be the only child much longer. My hubby and I want […]

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Our Trip to Adventureland & Six Important Tips


I wanted to wrap up our Family Summer Fun Serieswith a trip to Adventureland.  We thought about visiting theme parks out of state, but decided against it (which was a smart idea).  We ended up spending less time driving, and saved a ton in gas. Even though we stayed on New York turf, we still […]

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Sprinkler Time!


Having fun doesn’t have to mean shelling out big bucks.  With the hot temps and increased humidity, turning on the sprinkler could be the perfect way to beat the heat. Princess and I enjoyed some mommy daughter time with an impromptu photo shoot.  She loves the sprinkler! We’re approaching the fourth heat wave of the season, how […]

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Celebrating Independence Day


There’s nothing like family summer fun on the 4th of July!  Even though mother nature threatened to rain on our parade, it turned out to be a picture perfect day.  Temperatures soared into the 90s across portions of New York, but we lucked out with highs in the 80s in our hood.  A nice cool […]

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