Don’t Call My Husband the Babysitter!

Daddy and kids

“Don’t call my husband the babysitter!” That’s what I say to anyone who undermines his parenting role. When my husband told me that his co-worker asked if he was babysitting our daughter, I could see how annoyed he was. “How do I babysit my own kid?” he asked. Now that I think about it, I’ve heard this dumb…

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Must-See Video: This mom makes pole dancing while babywearing look easy


Pole dancing mom, Ashley Wright, takes babywearing to a whole new level as she brings her two-year-old daughter along for the ride, making pole dancing while babywearing look easy. “Shannon loves being in the sling/wraps/or any carrier with me, while walking or dancing,” Ashley tells BabyCenter. Before their pole dancing exercise, the California mom gets her little one a snack, entertainment…

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The Time My 4 y.o Found Out About Gay Parents


You’ve heard the phrase, “kids say the darnedest things.” Princess is the epitome of that statement. She’s very outspoken and says exactly what’s on her mind. She asks the toughest questions – you’d think she’s a lawyer or something. She recently asked where do babies come from, and now she’s asking about gay parents. Let me…

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