Natural Hair Update: How to Get Perfect 2nd Day Hair


It’s been a while since my last natural hair update. My hair has come a long way. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since my last relaxer. Some have asked if I missed those touch-up appointments every couple months. The answer – absolutely not! I can’t see myself ever going back to that. […]

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First Experience Using Henna on My Natural Hair


I’ve finally become a henna head. After months of contemplating, I decided to just do it. But, not before researching the pros and cons of using henna to dye natural hair. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks to using henna. Pros: It strengthens and thickens hair Adds shine Covers grays Less shedding […]

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Con-Air: How to Make a the Perfect Bun


I love trying out new styles on Princess. But, every now and then I like to experiment on my own natural curls. I was at the drug store the other day, and stumbled across the Con-Air Bun Maker. I never quite mastered the perfect bun, and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to […]

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‘Finding Nemo’ Inspired Fishtail Braid in Four Easy Steps


Now that summer is officially here, I’m having fun trying out different styles on Princess’s hair. I’m no professional, but I’ve managed to pull together some pretty awesome dos that have been getting a lot of positive feedback. I share some of my styling tips on my BabyCenter blog. One of my tips include, finding inspiration.The Disney movies […]

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Biracial hair: 6 Easy Steps for Perfect Wash-and-Go Curls


Summer officially arrives this Saturday. But, it looks like Mother Nature has decided to give us a little preview of the season this week. With highs near 90, Princess has been sporting her curly locks. That said, Sunday has become our designated “hair day.” Here are 6 Easy Steps for Perfect Wash-and-Go Curls 1. Cleanse hair with Shea moisture’s Carrot and […]

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Disney’s Maleficent: Princess Aurora Inspired Twistback

Disney's Maleficient

If you ask Princess who her favorite Disney Princess is, she’d probably say Aurora. The other day all the girls were asked to dress as Princesses, and all the boys as pirates. I resurrected Baby O’s Halloween costume, which actually still fits. I wanted to recreate Aurora’s twistback, as seen in Disney’s Maleficent.   I […]

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Frozen: 3 Easy Steps for Achieving the Elsa Inspired Braid


Most days Princess requests her curly girl hairstyle, which is pretty much a wash-and-go with some sort of hair accessory. But recently she’s been requesting hair like Elsa from Frozen. I’ll just do a simple braid to fulfill her request. I may even get a little fancy and braid it off to the side like […]

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Contemplating Using Henna on My Natural Hair

1 year 8months post BC

It’s been two years and three months since my last relaxer, and my hair has never felt better. September will mark my two year big chop anniversary, and it’s crazy to see how much my hair has grown since then. It’s hard to tell from the photo above because of my tight curl pattern. Believe […]

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3 Easy Ways to Grow and Tame Your Hairline


If you’ve been following my blog and vlog, then you know that I’ve been having some serious hair issues. Since my hair loss announcement, and I’m happy to say that I’ve been making some progress. I’ve got my edges back! Okay, I admit that I have a ways to go, but it’s progress. I can’t complain […]

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Anchor Woman and Cancer Survivor Removes Wig On-Air

Pam McKelvey

It’s interesting how a life changing experience can have an effect on us. Just a few years ago I gave birth to my daughter and notice that I began losing hair postpartum. Hair loss after giving birth is normal. But, I also realized that I was damaging my hair putting chemicals in it. I decided […]

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How I Keep My Hair Moisturized

It’s been almost a year and a half since my big chop (BC), and two years since my last relaxer. My hair has come a long way. My hairline is slowly getting back to normal. One of the things that’s been essential to the overall health of my hair is keeping it moisturized. Check out […]

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Beware of Protective Styles

two years post relaxer

If I knew that going natural would mean years of heartache and losing my hair, I would have reevaluated my decision to ditch the relaxer. The plan was to take advantage of protective styles so that my hair could grow back. So far, it’s been more like operation fail–sort of. Flashbacks of my straight hair […]

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New Hair New Me


My hair journey has hit a little bit of a snag these past couple of months. But, that’s to be expected. It’s interesting how your hair reacts to whatever it is you could be going through. Stress, pregnancy, post pregnancy, nutrition or lack there of — you name it. Despite our trials and tribulations, my […]

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My Natural Hair Journey So Far

Weather Anchor Mama

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who chimed in on Facebook regarding my hair dilemma. In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been suffering from hair loss again. This time my edges are thinning in the front. I’ve been down this road before. After giving birth to Princess, I noticed that the […]

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Ahhh…I’m Losing My Hair Again!


Just when I thought I had this natural hair journey thing on lock, the hair gods have thrown me a curve ball. I’m losing my hair again! My last hair conundrum almost left me in tears. It was also a part of the reason why I decided to go au naturale – my daughter being the […]

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