How to Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Minted Cards


Things get pretty busy during the holidays. In fact, it sneaks up on you out of nowhere – at least that’s how I feel. Every year I find myself scrambling to send out holiday cards to family and friends. I’d plan to set up a family photo shoot, but end up being pressed for time […]

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Amazing Photos of How We Celebrated Halloween


It seems as though we spent the entire month of October celebrating Halloween. There were a couple visits to the pumpkin patch – one of them being Princess’s first school field trip, where I served as a chaperone.   There was also her first visit to a haunted house, which left me in stitches. Oh, we can’t […]

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Coping With the Stress and Guilt of trying to Balance it All


I’ve heard people say that you can get sick from stress. I wasn’t sure about it before, but I’m absolutely sure of it now. I recently watched an episode of 48 Hours, and an elderly man who had been on a mission to find his son’s killer ended up dying because of stress, according to his […]

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The Time I Took My Four-Year-Old to a Haunted House


I took my four-year-old to a haunted house for the first time this past weekend. She got scared, and I loved every minute of it. I do realize that may sound a bit cruel. What parent would want to scare the kid senseless? Me, of course! But all jokes aside, there is a lesson to […]

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#BouqLove: July 4th and Birthday Celebration to Remember


Fourth of July has always been a dual celebration in our family. It so happens that my Mom’s birthday is on the second. So, we often find ourselves killing two birds with one stone. She’s always been simple and low key. When it comes to planning a celebration, she’d much rather have the family over […]

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Photos: Father’s Day 2014 Filled With Surprises


Father’s Day celebration began a little early this year. The school held a tailgate party for the Dads and their kiddos. The kids were excited that their Dad popped in to surprise them. We were able to kill to birds with one stone on Saturday. Princess was invited to a birthday party at the amusement […]

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Memorial Day Photos 2014

Memorial Day Barbeque

This Memorial Day was about keeping it simple this year. Thankfully my hubby and I both had the day off, which made the holiday even more fun. We decided to skip the crowded beach and opt for a quiet family barbecue at home.

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Celebrating Earth Day in Style


It’s the day after Earth Day, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to write about how Princess celebrated the day – in style. Sometimes I feel like a mom to a teenager, rather than a preschooler. Princess has been wanting to dress herself lately, which is great. I love that she’s becoming more independent. But, it can […]

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Must See: Easter Photos 2014

Happy Easter 1

It’s been a pretty busy week. We just got back from vacation, and have a lot of ground to cover. In addition to playing catch up, I’m dealing with a horrible sinus infection. As if I haven’t gone through enough already. I explain more in my vacation recap. In the meantime, I thought I’d wish […]

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My Favorite Holiday & Why?


I’ve gotten so far behind on my series, “30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me.” I initially planned on finishing it up in 30 days. But, other duties distracted me from keeping up with it. Now that I think about it, pausing the series has been beneficial because I can now include Baby O […]

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Teaching My Daughter About Setting Goals

Every year my mom used to give me a New Year’s resolution speech. She’d say, “It’s your chance to start off fresh, blah blah blah.” What started off as a rant actually stuck with me. To this day I still set goals for myself and reflect on the previous year to see how far I’ve […]

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Celebrating Milestones on Christmas

Baby O sitting up

This holiday season was extra special because it was Baby O’s first. It’s crazy how time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when we welcomed him into our family. In addition to celebrating Christmas, we celebrated Baby O turning five months old. But, that wasn’t the only surprise. He sat up for the […]

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Happy Holiday Photos

Holidays 2013

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. We were a bit late in putting together holiday photos. So, I wanted to share some of them with everyone. I realized that Princess has spoiled me rotten these past few years. Taking photos of her is pretty easy. I really don’t have to do much […]

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Making Chocolate Covered Pretzels for the Holidays

We’ve been going hard all weekend trying to tie up lose ends before the holidays. My hubby had to work over the weekend, so Christmas shopping was left up to me. I hit the ground running the moment I woke up on Saturday. I think I might have gone to at least five stores and […]

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Old Holiday Traditions Worth Reviving

Check out more holiday traditions worth reviving at BabyCenter.

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