My Daughter’s Play-Doh Toy is Shaped Like a Penis!

penis shaped play-doh

My daughter recently shared with us her goals for 2015. Becoming better at Pay-Doh was at the top of her list. My hubby and I purchased the Sweet Shoppe Mountain Playset to help her accomplish that goal. Plus, we knew how much she’d love making pretend treats. But little did we know that there’s a toy shaped like […]

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How to Help Your Kids Set New Year Goals


I love putting together fun projects with my kids. Not only is it fun to get them involved, it also gets them thinking. Plus, it allows them the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing. Here’s how you can help your kids set New Year goals. You may be wondering, how on earth can a 17-month-old come up […]

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Is it possible to give kids too many Christmas gifts?


When I was a kid, I never got a ton of Christmas gifts. It really didn’t bother me because it was something I was accustomed to. As I mentioned in my previous post, Jamaicans celebrate the holidays a little differently. We’re a bit more laid back when it comes to gifts and the commercialization of the […]

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How We Celebrate Christmas and Boxing Day


When I learned that my job was celebrating Boxing Day, I was like “yaas!” Okay, so they weren’t really referring to the actual holiday. The company decided to give us the day after Christmas off because it falls on a Thursday. They threw us a bone by including Friday, I’ve been told. For those of you unfamiliar with the Boxing […]

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Twas the Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Princess and Young O kept running about. The stockings were hung, and presents placed neatly under tree, with Mommy and Daddy hoping these kiddies soon would be fast asleep. The children were finally cozy in their beds, while visions of chocolate chip cookies made by Princess danced in their […]

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What I Love Most About Christmas


I can’t lie. The holidays are stressful. I don’t mean to sound like a scrooge. But trying to keep up with buying presents, taking photos, and figuring out plans for the holidays can be brutal. My face is throbbing with anxiety as I type this because I know that I still have a bunch of […]

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Fun and Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a crafty person. Not even Crafting for Dummies on Pinterest can help me! But I’ve managed to come up with some fun and easy holiday crafts for kids that even the most craft challenged person can conquer. I’ve learned that the key to being […]

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Easy Tips for Taking Awesome Holiday Photos 2014


After last weekend’s minor set back, we decided to give holiday photos another shot. This time we got an early start. Young O has been a bit cranky lately, so being strategic in how we planned for the day was essential. Rather than have the kids nap before our shoot, we decided to get them camera […]

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We Had a Minor Set Back in Our Christmas Preparation


These last couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. In between working and studying for exams, I’ve been trying to arrange Christmas preparation with the family. I had the perfect plan in place. But the man upstairs decided to throw some curve balls our way, which set us back. I had it […]

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Is it Worth Shopping on Black Friday?


Still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, I contemplate Black Friday shopping. Some stores are open around midnight, while others open at the crack of dawn. It would be a great way for me to burn of the feast I just devoured, but is it worth it? Is it worth going out in freezing temps to wait […]

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Why Thanksgiving is More Than Giving Thanks


      We give thanks on Thanksgiving, but this holiday also about learning. Most of the time it’s the kids who learn giving thanks. They also learn about family traditions. But from time to time the adults learn a thing or two. Here we are waiting for our family to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner […]

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How to Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Minted Cards


Things get pretty busy during the holidays. In fact, it sneaks up on you out of nowhere – at least that’s how I feel. Every year I find myself scrambling to send out holiday cards to family and friends. I’d plan to set up a family photo shoot, but end up being pressed for time […]

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Amazing Photos of How We Celebrated Halloween


It seems as though we spent the entire month of October celebrating Halloween. There were a couple visits to the pumpkin patch – one of them being Princess’s first school field trip, where I served as a chaperone.   There was also her first visit to a haunted house, which left me in stitches. Oh, we can’t […]

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Coping With the Stress and Guilt of trying to Balance it All


I’ve heard people say that you can get sick from stress. I wasn’t sure about it before, but I’m absolutely sure of it now. I recently watched an episode of 48 Hours, and an elderly man who had been on a mission to find his son’s killer ended up dying because of stress, according to his […]

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The Time I Took My Four-Year-Old to a Haunted House


I took my four-year-old to a haunted house for the first time this past weekend. She got scared, and I loved every minute of it. I do realize that may sound a bit cruel. What parent would want to scare the kid senseless? Me, of course! But all jokes aside, there is a lesson to […]

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