Miss Independent!

My baby girl has always been independent.  Ever since I can remember, she’s been trying to do things on her own.  From attempting to comb her hair to struggling to put on her socks and shoes.  She tries to do it all on her own!

I noticed early on that she’s wanted to feed herself, so I let her have at it.  Here she is at four months holding the bottle on her own!

She also mastered fingered foods by eight months.

Now at 14 months, she’s finally getting the hang of using the spoon.

It’s something we’ve been working on for months.  Being from Jamaica, it’s tradition to learn to properly use a knife and fork.  Princess still has a ways to go before getting accustom to that.  But, she’s getting there!  For now, we’ll continue to work on making her a pro with the spoon!

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Finally There!

It was a jammed packed weekend!  We were able to get in some family quality time.  Studying, cleaning, and prepping for the week were also on the to-do list.  You’re probably thinking, “Wow!  How boring.”  But to me, it was pretty nice.  In fact, I was extremely excited because my baby girl just reached another milestone!

Early this week, Princess had been trying to take those first few steps.  But as you can see, she wasn’t quite ready:

 Now she’s got all the convidence in the world.  Check her out!

 Soon she’ll be running around, and I’ll be loosing my breath chasing after her.  Next on the agenda will be baby proofing everything.

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I Consider This a Milestone

We consider a baby’s first word an important milestone.  In fact, there are so much more I can think of that are huge moments for any baby. 

Princess didn’t exactly celebrate her walking milestone just yet, but she came very close to it.  My hubby and I assembled the stroller her grandma gave her.  With her new bestie (courtesy of Aunt Ettle) strapped in, she pushed the stroller on her own!  We had been trying to get her to do it over the weekend, but she wasn’t quite ready.  She would try pushing it while sitting down.  It was so cute!  Princess finally did it all on her own, and I wanted to share a video I took. 

She is well on her way to walking all by herself. 

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