Princess Sings Beyonce’s Love on Top


Ever since Princess was a baby she’s been singing  Beyonce’s “Love on Top.”  The minute I strap her in the car seat she asks for Beyonce. If I don’t turn on the music on fast enough, she loses her mind! This has been going on for the last couple of years now.

I thought by now she’d grow tired of the song, especially after hearing this Katy Perry song. Boy was I wrong. She’ll listen to Beyonce all day! So I had to record it. Beyonce better watch out!

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Building Literacy and Imagination With Zoobean *Giveaway*

I’ve always enjoyed reading. As a kid, my mother made it a requirement. I remember getting books from my cousins. There were so many that we ended up turning one of our closets into a mini library.

Anything involving Michael Jackson was my subject of choice. You couldn’t stump me on Jackson trivia. I read so much about the family – I began to feel like one of them. My siblings and I would also take weekly trips to the Brooklyn Public Library to pick out books. My mom would also order books through the mail for us.

I can recall asking her about words I couldn’t pronounce or know the meaning to.

“Look it up in the dictionary” was her usual response. Who would have thought that years later there’d be the internet and a site called Google where we can research any word or anything for that matter.

Now that I’m a mom, I try to teach those same values to my  kids. Despite reading a ton of books as a child, I wouldn’t consider myself a strong reader. A part of the reason – getting accustomed to the American way of writing versus the English way.

Even though English is our national language in Jamaica, we adopted many customs from the U.K. Take for I stance the word color. It’s actually spelled c-o-l-o-u-r where I’m from. The first syllable of the word schedule is pronounced with ‘sh’ sound rather than ‘sk.’

With all that said, reading is very important in our household. We’ve been reading to Princess since birth. We’ve also taken on the same tradition with Baby O.

sibling storytime
Princess began reading on her own at two-years-old. She is able to identify and write all the letters of the alphabet. She’s also spelling words.

Like I did as child, trips to the library are a must. But most recently I was introduced to Zoobean, a curated library of books and apps for kids of all ages that aim at building literacy and inspire imagination.

I signed princess up for the hardcover plan. Every month she receives a book that’s handpicked by the Zoobean family. Each selection is based on Princess’s age, favorite genres, interest, and reading level.

There’s also digital and paperback plans available. Each selection is accompanied by an expert created Reading Guide or App Companion recommendation, which saves me time from trying to research and hand pick books and apps myself.

When it comes to literature, It’s important for my children to read books that feature families like ours. Princess received her first book, “All the World,” features a biracial family. She was happy that it came personally addressed to her, along with a thank you card from Zoobean. One of this month’s chosen app is Cinderella – one of her favorite Princess’s.

She’s already looking forward to next month’s selections. In the meantime, I’d like to offer a giveaway to a three month hardcover membership to Zoobean. All the information on how you may enter can be found below. Good luck!

How often do you read to your kids? Do you kids enjoy reading?

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This post is sponsored by Zoobean. All opinions are my own.

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Three on the Way?

I’ve always made it a point to talk to Princess about being a big sis. I think it’s important to prepare her for the big change that’s ahead.

At first she wasn’t too excited about the idea of having a new addition to the family. But, clearly she’s had an about face. She’s already making sibling plans. If you ask her, there’s more than one bun in the oven. Check her out!




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Toddler Reads Bedtime Story

We’ve always enjoyed reading to Princess every night before she hits the sack. Now the tables have turned and she’s the one doing the reading. Check her out. So, proud of my little girl!
(Don’t forget to click the little wheel for enhanced HD)




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Princess has a story to tell

We’re always asking Princess about her day. She loves telling stories. Here’s her latest recap.



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Princess Says…

“My birthday is coming on!  My birthday is coming on!”
Mommy says: “It is?!  I had no idea!”
Princess says: “Uh-huh.”
Mommy says: “Really? When is it?”
Princess says: “It’s Friday.  My birthday is Friday.”

We celebrated her 2nd birthday almost three weeks ago.

I have no idea where she’s getting this from.  I played along anyway.

Weather Anchor Mama


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