My Daughter’s Play-Doh Toy is Shaped Like a Penis!

penis shaped play-doh

My daughter recently shared with us her goals for 2015. Becoming better at Pay-Doh was at the top of her list. My hubby and I purchased the Sweet Shoppe Mountain Playset to help her accomplish that goal. Plus, we knew how much she’d love making pretend treats. But little did we know that there’s a toy shaped like […]

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Bravo series “Extreme Guide to Parenting” over the top?


I’m a strict parent and I don’t care what others may think. But, is it okay to be an extreme parent? Bravo’s new series, “Extreme Guide to Parenting,” tackles the subject. Cameras follow nine households who share their child-rearing techniques that may have some folks scratching their heads. One couple forces their child to get involved in […]

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Is Racism Still Alive Today? Of Course it is!


The other day I check my inbox to find an extremely long email from a woman who I don’t know. At first glance I think, “how sweet.” She goes on to say she is very familiar with my work and like most fans, debated on how many pregnancies I’ve had. After some online research, she […]

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Would you change your appearance to look like another race?

Weather Anchor Mama

People would sometimes ask me if I’m part Asian. I’ll usually respond by saying, “Somewhere down the line.” My slanted eyes are a dead giveaway. I used to feel self conscious about them. Whenever I laughed they’d become more pronounced. There was the occasional annoying class clown who would slant his eyes by using his […]

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Parents: It’s not ok to punch a kids


The other day I saw a mom punch her 4-year-old in the arm. Normally, I’m a very outspoken person. But, I was speechless.  It tears me up inside that I didn’t say anything as soon as it happened. The following day a co-worker told me about a Long Island cop who was arrested for punching […]

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Does a Chris Brown & Rihanna Reconcilation Set a Bad Example?


Photo Courtesy NY Daily News I don’t usually judge other peoples relationships.  But when it comes to Chris Brown and Rihanna, I have throw in my two sense.  There have been numerous reports that the two may be back on again.  For those of you who may be new to this story, let me fill […]

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What if Your Daughter is Closer to Daddy?

I knew this day would come! I’m always being asked if my daughter is closer to my hubby.  

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Interracial hate-crimes are far from over


I get asked all the time if I’d ever consider moving out of state, and I usually have a hard time answering that question.  Here’s why… Reading this NY Daily News article confirmed to me that the world is far from being a bed of roses.  In fact, this story is a nightmare come true. […]

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What if Someone Called Your Baby Ugly?


Tia Mowry, Cory, & Cree Hardrict YBF I’m a lover not a fighter.  But if someone calls my baby ugly, then it’s time to take off my jewelry and break out the vaseline.  Lucky for me, I’ve only heard sweet things about my baby girl.  However, not everyone can say the same.  I recently came […]

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When a Stranger Compares Our Kids

I’ve realized that some people will say the weirdest things.  When they do, I usually smile and keep it moving. What bugs me is when a complete stranger compares my kid with their kid.  A woman says to me, “your daughter is a little lady.”  I respond, “thanks, so is she,” (referring to the toddler […]

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Are You An Agist?

I read a post the other day that got me asking the question, am I an agist? The author reveals how she feels less valuable or even invisible in her 50s, than in her 20s and 30s.  She asks why a person would you ask another “‘newbie’ for advice instead of older women who have been there/handled […]

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Mourning a Mom’s Loss

I can’t lie.  There have been times when I unknowingly fall asleep for a few minutes while Princess  quietly plays next to me.  I remember feeling startled and guilty upon waking up to find her safe and sound.  What if something happened to her?  I would never forgive myself.  Unfortunately, this kind of thing does […]

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They Sent My Baby Home in a Dirty Diaper


One of the toughest parts of being a working mom is having to leave my child in someone else’s hands.  I’ve always been happy with Princess’s daycare.  The teachers have been attentive, and she’s made some friends.  As is usually the case, there are there are times when I’d find unexplainable bruises.  I normally chalk […]

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Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI


TMZ It broke my heart when I read that former Nickelodeon star turned fashion designer, Amanda Bynes, had been charged with one count of misdemeanor  DUI, according to TMZ.  It’s also alleged that she was involved in a couple hit and run accidents, which she hasn’t been charged.   The starlet took to twitter with this message to President […]

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Assaulted at a Mom & Pop Shop


Ok, I’ll admit that I can be annoying.  I have a tendency to question things.  I am also quick to speak up when something or someone is wrong.  Does it make me a bad person?  Does it make me disrespectful or crazy?  Well, apparently some may think so. I often visit this local Korean spot […]

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