How Kayla the Great Teaches kids to believe in themselves (Giveaway)


Most kids have things that they become attached to – a blanket, pacifier, doll- you name it. Princess began using a paci later than most babies, close to eight months. Some would say there’s no point starting so late. But at the time it served as a solution to her constantly putting everything in her mouth. […]

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Learning How to Appreciate Art (Giveaway)


Remember going on school field trips to the museum? It’s something I’d look forward to, and it had nothing to do with learning about art or history. I admit seeing prehistoric dinosaur bones at the American Museum of Natural History were pretty cool. We also visited art galleries – featuring beautiful pieces by various artists. […]

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Why Thanksgiving is More Than Giving Thanks


      We give thanks on Thanksgiving, but this holiday also about learning. Most of the time it’s the kids who learn giving thanks. They also learn about family traditions. But from time to time the adults learn a thing or two. Here we are waiting for our family to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner […]

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What I Love About My Son


My little guys amazes me everyday. It’s hard to imagine giving birth to him 16 months ago. Here’s what I love about my son. For starters, he’s a cool kid with a great personality. Believe me, I’m not just saying that because he’s my son. He has his drama filled moments, but that’s usually because he’s […]

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Words I Teach My Children Not to Say


I recently wrote a post on my BabyCenter blog that has sparked a conversation regarding words we should teach our children not to say. I’m not necessarily referring to profanity, but words some of us may use everyday that could impact our children in a negative way. Words like fat, stupid, can’t, ugly, and diet are […]

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How to Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Minted Cards


Things get pretty busy during the holidays. In fact, it sneaks up on you out of nowhere – at least that’s how I feel. Every year I find myself scrambling to send out holiday cards to family and friends. I’d plan to set up a family photo shoot, but end up being pressed for time […]

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How Becoming a Mom has Changed the Way I See Myself


I’ve never been a high maintenance type of chick. I didn’t rock the hottest trends because we couldn’t afford it growing up, and I was okay with that. As a former athlete, my main concern was keeping my grades up so that I wouldn’t get kicked off the team. I really didn’t put too much effort […]

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Why I Decided to Sign Up For a 10k Run


It seems like every time I commit to signing up for a run I end up having to back out. A co-worker convinced me to register for a 5k about five years ago. After finding out that I was expecting Princess, I continued to train. I’d run a few miles a day for about four to five […]

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Highlights From Our Family Trip!

Sesame Place

It’s not often you that I post a family vlog. In fact, this is the first time. Over the summer, we took a trip to Sesame Place. If you know me and have been reading my blog, then you’re fully aware of how much I love snapping photos and videos of our kiddos. Here are […]

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First Homes in My Hood Get Broken into, Now My Car?


I must have the worse luck! First the homes in my hood get burglarized, now my car? This is ridiculous! Like every morning, I get up and get the kids ready for school. But, this morning is different. I grab the diaper back with my keys in one hand, and Young O in the other. Princess walks […]

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The Time I Took My Four-Year-Old to a Haunted House


I took my four-year-old to a haunted house for the first time this past weekend. She got scared, and I loved every minute of it. I do realize that may sound a bit cruel. What parent would want to scare the kid senseless? Me, of course! But all jokes aside, there is a lesson to […]

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My Baby Has a New Name


You may remember a post I wrote a while back about changing Baby O’s name. While I hate to admit it, it’s time. He has grown into a tot. No more crawling for my little guy. Now my baby has a new name!   Thanks so much for sharing ideas, although most of you thought […]

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Simple Low-Fat Cheesy Tofu Stuffed Shells Recipe


I love getting recipe ideas from other people. The other day I happened to be heating up my dinner at work when one of the young ladies tipped me off to cheesy tofu stuffed shells. I wanted to give it another try.   I sent my hubby out to the grocery store to purchase the […]

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Reported burglaries in my hood got me spooked


I’m used to my station covering burglaries, but experiencing them in my own neighborhood is a whole other story. I get home late from work one night to find two cop cars blocking my driveway. I call my hubby to meet me outside just in case. To be honest, a burglary is the furthest thing […]

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“Hey, Keep Your Filthy Paws Off My Kid!”


Every time someone touches one of my children I want to say, “Hey keep your filthy paws of my kid!” I do realize that sounds a bit “stank.” But, I can’t stand it when people feel the need to put their hands on my child’s face or hair. I should preface my saying that there […]

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