Is it possible to be your daughter’s best friend and strict disciplinarian?


Back in the day my friends and I would often plan these extravagant excursions. Okay, I admit our plans were pretty lame. But to us, they were super exciting. It consisted of things like walking to the mall. I know it sounds pretty boring, but it wasn’t to us. Those walks were literally like five […]

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Why I’m so lucky to be alive


I’ve covered so many snowstorms that I’ve gotten numb at the thought of getting any of the white stuff. That said, I do love tracking snowstorms – heck, any storm for that matter. But covering storms for the news is completely different from actually traveling in it. One recent snowstorm dumped five to eight inches […]

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It’s Hard Spending the Night Away From My Babies


As the second snowstorm of the season approached, I knew that there was a good chance that I’d have to be away from my family. My daughter has grown accustomed to having Mommy working long hours whenever the weather gets bad. However, this would be a first time experience for her baby brother – not […]

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Would you change your appearance to look like another race?

Weather Anchor Mama

People would sometimes ask me if I’m part Asian. I’ll usually respond by saying, “Somewhere down the line.” My slanted eyes are a dead giveaway. I used to feel self conscious about them. Whenever I laughed they’d become more pronounced. There was the occasional annoying class clown who would slant his eyes by using his […]

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My Encounter With an Angry Viewer


I love my job.  Even though things get a bit crazy during severe weather coverage, I get excited. When boss lady asks me to come in a bit early for cut-ins, I’m happy to oblige.  Forecasting the weather can get tricky.  It’s important to be on top of your game at all times.  People usually […]

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Time to Get Pampared

I remember having a jam packed schedule back in the day.  I attended school full time, worked part time, and played sports.  Okay, I don’t claim to be a sportsnista.  But believe it or not, I was an athlete growing up.  Anyway that’s a whole other post.  The point is that I thought my life was […]

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When Things Get Out of Whack


I pride myself in being organized and having everything together.  But, this week has been a nightmare so far.  Okay, I maybe exaggerating a bit.  But, a change in schedule has caused everything to slip out of alignment. When I was informed that I would be working behind the scenes for weather training, I thought […]

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Much Needed Break


When I found out that some friends of mine from work would be leaving, I was overcome with both joy and sadness.  I’m so happy they’ll be moving on in their careers, but bummed that I won’t get to see them at work anymore.  That’s the nature of the biz!  It’s common for someone to […]

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Wardrobe Tips


One of the most challenging things about my job, aside from producing and delivering the weather forecasts, is achieving the right look.  I’ve demonstrated how I apply make up for TV, but getting dressed for TV is another beast in and of itself.  There are a few rules I go by, when it comes to […]

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YMM of the Week!


I am featured in Young Moms in Motion this week! It’s a cool site that highlights positive moms doing positive things. Thanks YMM! Please check out the feature, when you have a sec.

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