11 Must Have Items to Get Through a Snowstorm


I love covering snowstorms, but traveling in it is a whole other ball of wax. I’ve driven through so many snowstorms that I’d call myself a snow driving connoisseur. Depending on the timing and the intensity, I stay overnight. Yes, you read that right. And I’m not just talking about being at a posh hotel. Sometimes it’s […]

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Weather Fun for Kids: How to Make Fake Snow

Weather Fun For Kids-snow

My daughter has always been obsessed with snow. Before there was Frozen, all she wanted to do was go sledding and build a snowman. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when she asked me how snow is made, which ties into what I do for a living. My job as a weather anchor involves […]

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My Baby’s Reaction to Seeing Snow for the First Time

Baby's First Snow

There hasn’t been much snow this season – thank goodness. Driving in snow is not my cup of tea, cleaning it off my car isn’t something I look forward to either. But the one thing I love about the snow is seeing the look on Princess’s face when those flakes fall from the sky, turning our […]

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Photos: Now This is How You Have Fun!

Baby O

The day began like most Saturday mornings – breakfast followed by cleaning the house. The plan was to then head outside and enjoy the nice warm summer like weather. But, the kids wanted to have fun being pulled around the house in Princess’s Doc McStuffins wagon instead. Baby O had a kick out of it. I […]

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Why I’m so lucky to be alive


I’ve covered so many snowstorms that I’ve gotten numb at the thought of getting any of the white stuff. That said, I do love tracking snowstorms – heck, any storm for that matter. But covering storms for the news is completely different from actually traveling in it. One recent snowstorm dumped five to eight inches […]

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It’s Hard Spending the Night Away From My Babies


As the second snowstorm of the season approached, I knew that there was a good chance that I’d have to be away from my family. My daughter has grown accustomed to having Mommy working long hours whenever the weather gets bad. However, this would be a first time experience for her baby brother – not […]

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Oh No, Not Another Snow Storm!


I must admit, I love covering extreme weather. Snow, hurricanes, you name it and I’m there. But the hardest part of my job is leaving my two, make that three babies behind. Having daddy home does make it easier. We always advise viewers to stay in doors, while we go outside and brave the conditions. […]

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4th of July Weekend Pics


We were on the hunt for fireworks close to home for the 4th of July holiday weekend, but were out of luck. It seems like there’ve been a lot of budget cuts in some areas. We’ll have to wait until next weekend to check out a display. In the meantime, we made the best of […]

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Blizzard 2013: How to make a cool snowman

Blizzard 2013 Snow fun

After doubling my travel time home during the blizzard, I was so glad to make it back to our pad. The first thing we did when we woke up was go outside for cleanup. I can’t front I wasn’t really the one doing all the shoveling. I’m not just saying that because I’m preggers. I […]

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#Blizzard 2013: My husband the stallion


When I asked my husband what I should write about earlier this week he jokingly said, “Just write about what a stallion I am in the bedroom.” I didn’t want to stroke his ego and bore you graphic details of our bedroom exploits. The last thing I want to do is turn this blog into […]

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Not An Ounce of Guilt


Whenever there’s a storm brewing, it’s understood that I’d have to be prepared to work.  If it’s a major storm, like Sandy, I usually don’t make it back home for the night.  This past weekend was no different.  I wouldn’t exactly classify this one as a big winter storm.  But, I was prepared to come […]

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Sandy’s Aftermath:


Sandy not only washed up the sandy beaches of our coastline, it’s caused major devastation across the northeast.  My hubby snapped these pics, and this is not even close to the worse of the damage left by this storm. Storm surge led to flooded streets in our hood.  This is the closest he got. We […]

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Sandy’s Wrath


Sandy’s wrath kept me away from my blog this past week.  I’ve been busy tracking this historical storm while staying on top of my class assignments.  I’ve spend the last few days working ahead to avoid falling behind this semester. It was pretty tough working double duty, but I got though it just fine.  The […]

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Can’t Let the Rain Get in the Way!


It was a pretty soggy day. But, we managed to squeeze in some outdoor fun!

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Winter to Spring


Spring is finally here!  But, it hasn’t sprung quite yet.  Even though temps are milder than normal for this time of year, we woke up to fog and gray skies.  (spring pics below) On the flip side, the last day of winter was more spring like.  In fact, winter came in like a lamb and […]

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