My Son Turns 2: How to Celebrate a Toddler’s Birthday


When it comes to celebrating a toddler’s birthday, it’s important to know your child’s personality. Princess is a social butterfly and loves parties. Her little brother, on the hand, is the complete opposite. He’d rather have something simple, than a big birthday party. We decided to do something different. We started the day with opening presents. We then…

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Awesome 4th of July Weekend Photos


It was a busy 4th of July weekend filled with food, parade fun, and water play. For the most part, I’ve had holidays off these past few years. But now that I’m not working full-time, I have a bit more time and energy. Needless to say, our weekend was pretty jam packed. Just wanted to…

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Parenting Problems: A Message to People Without Kids


I’m sure we can all agree that kids are absolutely adorable. But, they can get pretty annoying at times, especially in public. For the most part my kids are very well behaved.   But a tantrum can happen at any time. Needless to say, we sometimes get the side eye from people without kids who…

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An Interesting Way to Celebrate Our Wedding Anniversary


Most people celebrate their wedding anniversary alone. Our 10 year anniversary gift ideas involved brunch followed by a Dave Chappelle standup comedy routine at Radio City Music Hall last year. We had a blast! But this year was nothing like that. Rather than spend it together in the city that never sleeps, we went to Princess’s first dance recital. When…

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Jackie Collins Interview: 3 Tips on Balancing Career and Family (Giveaway)


I’ve been in the news industry for over ten years and have interviewed a ton of A list celebrities. But, they were nothing like Jackie Collins. When I was asked to interview Jackie Collins about her new book The Santangelos at the Secrets, Revenge, and Sex Book Club Event in New York City, I didn’t…

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6 Easy Tips for Grocery Shopping With Kids


We can all agree that taking children out these days is an adventure filled with laughter, boo-boos, and tantrums. When it comes to taking them to the supermarket, my hubby and I have it all down to a science. Here are six easy tips for grocery shopping with kids. Before you head out the door, make…

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Does Dad Taking Daughter to the Ladies Room Freak You Out?


Every parent can relate to small children having to use the potty at the worse possible times. We could be on the road in bumper to pumper traffic, or at an open field with no bathroom in sight, and Princess would all of a sudden have to pee. I’ve been known to find creative ways for…

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Should Preschoolers Be Allowed to Have a Prom?


I remember when I first learned about preschoolers being allowed to have a prom. Princess was an infant when she started daycare. I couldn’t help notice the “Under the Sea” decorations as I walked into the building to drop her off. “What’s with the decorations?” I asked. “It’s for the prom,” someone responded. A prom for…

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