Curly Hairstyle of the Week: Awesome French Twist Rope Braid

French twist rope braid

The dangerously cold temperatures can be brutal on your skin, and it’s definitely no good for your hair either. Princess normally enjoys sporting her curly locks. However, we’ve been sticking to protective styles because of the frigid weather. For our Curly Hairstyle of the Week, we decided to do an awesome French twist rope braid. I’ve seen…

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What’s the Best Way to Answer, “Where do Babies Come From?”

Pregnant Mommy and Daughter

I wrote a post on my BabyCenter blog about having the sex talk with your kids in response to a video by The video featured parents talking with their kids about the birds and the bees. The analogies used to describe sex are hilarious or awkward depending on how you look at it. One parent illustrates how…

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First Date of 2015: Tips For Planning An Awesome Date Night


I’m embarrassed to say that the last time my hubby and I had date night was when we celebrated our wedding anniversary last June. I know, that’s sad. That said, one of our goals for the new year is to get back in the dating game, and this past past weekend we had our first date night of 2015. Let’s face;…

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Biracial Parenting: Helping My Daughter Find Her Identity

biracial identity

Those of you that think kids don’t see color, think again! At three-years-old, Princess started talking about it– differentiating between white and brown grandma. I knew then that there would be plenty of conversations about race, so it was no surprise when she asked about her own skin color. I knew that helping my daughter find…

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My Baby’s Reaction to Seeing Snow for the First Time

Baby's First Snow

There hasn’t been much snow this season – thank goodness. Driving in snow is not my cup of tea, cleaning it off my car isn’t something I look forward to either. But the one thing I love about the snow is seeing the look on Princess’s face when those flakes fall from the sky, turning our…

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