3 Reasons Why Parents Should Schedule Dates With Their Kids


It may sound a little creepy, but parents should schedule dates with their kids. With Princess gearing up for kindergarten, it seems like everything has been a bit crazy. Even though she’s excited about starting a new chapter, she’s still going to miss her friends from pre-k. She’s also going to miss being in the same building…

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5 Things Pregnant Women Want to Hear

Pregnant Mommy and Daughter

Having gone through two pregnancies, I’ve heard people say a lot of mean things. It seems as though the bigger I got, the more insulting the comments. Things that normally wouldn’t bother me got under my skin and I had raging hormones to thank for that. Despite the negativity, I’ve also heard people say some nice things. So…

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How to Become Better Organized With KidKraft


Being organized was never an issue for us until we started a family. I’ve seen our home go from orderly to disorderly within the last few years because of the accumulating baby and kids products that we have around the house. So now I’m on a mission to de-clutter our home. I know this can’t happen over…

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Back to School: Must Have School Supplies for Kindergarten


In less than two weeks our little girl will be starting kindergarten. So many emotions have been running through my mind, as we prepare for this new chapter. For starters, back to school shopping is nothing like before. We were given a list of school supplies to purchase, which is a far cry from the…

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Check Out My Daughter in this Week’s Issue of People Magazine!


When we heard that Princess would be in this week’s issue of People Magazine, to say we were excited is just an understatement. We didn’t want to share the news with her immediately because I wanted to capture the moment.   Her initial reaction was priceless. This is truly a memorable moment that will last a lifetime….

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5 Tips for Pulling Off an Awesome Birthday Celebration at Hershey Park


My hubby and I began brainstorming ideas for the perfect birthday celebration for Princess earlier this year. This milestone is special because not only did she turn five, she’ll also be starting kindergarten in September. So to honor our little Princess, we decided to celebrate her big day in Hershey, Pennsylvania. So I came up with 5 tips for…

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FabKids: Must Have Fashion Items for Back to School


As a child, heading back to school meant getting a whole new wardrobe. But with three other siblings, filling my closet with the latest fashion items was impossible because we couldn’t afford it. Rather than break the bank, my mom focus on getting a few classic pieces that would last throughout the school year and…

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How to Communicate Effectively With Your Children’s Teachers


I recently did a periscope about an unfortunate situation between a teacher and parent that lead to the parent attacking the teacher on social media. I felt terrible for this teacher because no one deserves being called out on the web like that. There are so many other ways to deal with any issue. As a parent,…

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