Winter Curly Hair Routine for Boys

winter curly hair routine biracial boys

Our winter curly hair routine changes as the temperatures drop. I’ve gotten emails requesting how I style my son’s curly biracial hair, and decided to put together a quick video tutorial. The great thing about this daily routine is that it literally takes a few minutes. Unlike his sister, we don’t have many hairstyle options….

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Interracial Dating: Are We Part of a Movement?

interracial dating

Interracial dating has always been a taboo subject. Some people frown at the sight of interracial couples walking down the street. Despite the hate, more mixed couples are being celebrated on TV in recent years. In fact, we see mixed families  depicted in commercials, shows, and movies. Now some wonder if interracial couples a part of a…

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Best Naturally Curly Hair Oils


There are so many oils for natural hair. But, just like finding the perfect shoes, it may take a while to find the best naturally curly hair oils. My children and I have completely different textures. Princess has a soft 3a/3b pattern. Her little brother has a tighter 3c texture, while I have a 4c…

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Ackee and SaltFish Recipe


Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish. We had a ackee tree in our front yard back home. It’s always been one of my favorite meals growing up. We’d go outside and pick fresh ackee for our Sunday breakfast. My mom made it with fried dumpling, green banana, festival, hard-dough bread, bammy, fried plantains, or roasted bread-fruit….

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How Long Until I Became a Confident Parent

confident parent

Having a baby doesn’t come with directions. I’ve heard people say that once you give birth, you just know what to do. Let me tell you, that’s not true. Despite all the research I did during my nine months of pregnancy, I was at a loss. Being a confident parent wasn’t easy. Early Parenting Challenges…

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