Video: My Husband and I Recap Our Family Vacation (Bloopers)


It’s not often that my hubby makes an appearance. I’m still trying to get him to write a guest post on my blog. But, he actually did something even better! He sat down with me to chat about our recent family vacation. We share tips on traveling with kids. I also included bloopers toward the […]

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First Experience Using Henna on My Natural Hair


I’ve finally become a henna head. After months of contemplating, I decided to just do it. But, not before researching the pros and cons of using henna to dye natural hair. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks to using henna. Pros: It strengthens and thickens hair Adds shine Covers grays Less shedding […]

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6 Tips For Planning an Amazing Theme Park Vacation


Now that the summer is winding down, I thought is would be a great idea to wrap up the season with an amazing theme park vacation. As the fifth installment to our Family Fun Summer Series, my hubby and I decided to take the kids to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. Here’s a wrap up along with […]

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How to Throw an Awesome Fairy Birthday Party


On the heels of Baby O’s fabulous Baptism and birthday celebrations, the pressure was on to plan on awesome birthday party for Princess. Some people suggested we combine everything into one big bash. But that would have been hard to do considering Princess is at such an active age. Besides, she’s been looking forward to an […]

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Choosing the Perfect Kids Cards for My Daughter’s Birthday

#shop #kidscards #cbias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #KidsCards #CollectiveBias Princess gets a boat load of toys for her birthday every year from friends and family. But in addition to receiving cute dolls and fun games, she gets some pretty awesome cards. Who knew kids cards could be so […]

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How I Avoided Another Travel Nightmare


I remember freaking out at the thought of traveling alone with kids, but traveling without them seemed just as scary. I had to attend a workshop in Mississippi, and didn’t know how I’d survive my first trip without the kids. I know it’s a little dramatic to feel that way. Of course I’d be okay, and […]

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How to Make Bedtime Fun With Frozen

#FROZENfun #collectivebias #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #FROZENFun #CollectiveBias If you haven’t heard of Frozen the movie, then chances are you’re living under a rock. Princess has watched it so many times that I’ve lost count. Like most kids her age, she knows the songs. Heck, […]

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week: 6 Things I Love About Nursing


It’s Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I know I’m late. But better late than never. I’ve been breastfeeding Baby O for a year now and he has no plans of weaning. Hey, I’m not complaining. I breastfed Princess until she was two-years-old. I realized as I was going through my arsenal of baby photos that I don’t have […]

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#Munchkin Helps Us Stay Organized With SeraBear

messy house 1

If you walk into a family’s home and it’s a hot mess, then chances are you’d blame it on the mother. I should know – I was one of those people. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I have a new found appreciation for messy home. In fact, I know longer call […]

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Bravo series “Extreme Guide to Parenting” over the top?

I’m a strict parent and I don’t care what others may think. But, is it okay to be an extreme parent? Bravo’s new series, “Extreme Guide to Parenting,” tackles the subject. Cameras follow nine households who share their child-rearing techniques that may have some folks scratching their heads. One couple forces their child to get involved in […]

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How to Plan an Awesome Little Man Theme Birthday Party


You’re probably wondering where I’ve been these past couple of weeks. I’ve been planning parties, studying, and working. It so happens that both my kids’ birthdays are less than a month apart. You’re probably wondering why I decided to hold separate events, rather than combine them. The answer is simple. There is a three year […]

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Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

flexi rods

It’s my first time trying a flexi rod set on my natural hair. For those of you who’ve been following my hair journey you know that braid outs have always been my go to hairstyle. But, I’ve been wanting to try something new now that my hair has grown past shoulder length when stretched. I purchased about […]

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Baby Takes First Steps and I Missed it!

Baby Steps

If you keep up with my BabyCenter blog, then you may have read my post about missing milestones. There are some that I have had the pleasure of witnessing up close and personal. But, there are other milestones that I completely miss. Yesterday I get a call from my hubby and Princess telling me that Baby […]

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I’m Thinking of Changing My Baby’s Name

Little Prince

Baby O is just days away from turning one. It seems like I gave birth to him just yesterday. That said, I’m thinking of changing my baby’s name. He’ll always be my baby, but I can’t imagine calling my soon to be tot Baby O. That said, here’s what I’ve got so far: Prince: it seems the likely […]

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Family Fun Summer Series: Salute to America


It’s not everyday we get to take the kiddos to see a concert and fireworks. This weekend my hubby and I did just that. For our “Family Fun Summer Series,” we thought the kids would enjoy it. Besides, it was free! Well, actually our tax dollars fund these types of events. But, whatever. The town hosts different […]

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