Cornrow Braid Video Tutorial for Beginners


Now that summer is over and school is in session, cornrows are usually our go-to-hairstyles. Because as temperatures get cooler, and the air gets drier, braids are great for retaining moisture. Plus, adding a cornrow gives any hairstyle flare. Some people think it’s hard to do. But, cornrows are easy to do once you get the…

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Ancestry DNA Test Surprising Results!


I’ve always been curious about the makeup of my ancestry. I do know that many of my forefathers are from Africa and the Caribbean. But, I’ve wondered if there were any other regions that made up my genealogy. With the help of, my husband and I set out to find out more about our…

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Success Caribbean Style: Overcoming Odds


I enjoy connecting with different people online, especially bloggers and entrepreneurs who share similar backgrounds. I recently met fellow Jamaican, Kingsley Grant, a man who wears many different hats. One of his most recognized roles is host of Success Caribbean Style. About Kingsley Grant Grant empowers people to live their best life, regardless of their past or…

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American Girl Place Birthday Celebration

American Girl PlaceBirthday Celebration (1)

American Girl Place is the go to store for just about every occasion for little girls. Whether celebrating a holiday or birthday, your little one has so many options. American Girl Place Birthday Celebration Our daughter said she wanted to go there for her special day, which turned out to be a day long event. Despite…

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Why Does “Mixed Hair Care” Offend Some People?

mixed hair care biracial hair care offensive

The terms “mixed hair care” and “biracial hair care” appears to offend some people. I’m a mom of two multiracial children, and often share mixed hair care tips. In fact, the subject matter is an ongoing theme throughout my blog. As you probably know, my daughter previously grappled with accepting her mixed hair. That struggle inspired our Curly…

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Healthy Snack Recipes in 5 Minutes or Less

Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas weight watchers

I wouldn’t consider myself super anal about healthy eating. I just like to choose better options whenever possible. It doesn’t take much to come up with healthy snack recipes. Believe it or not, you can whip up some pretty tasty treats by making a few substitutions. 2 Quick Healthy Snack Recipes Options The great thing about Weight…

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