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I love my job.  But, it wasn’t my first choice. When I decided to enter the news biz, I wanted to be a feature and entertainment reporter.  I’ve always loved shows like ET, Extra, Access Hollywood, and E News.  I thought that one day I’d be anchoring one of these shows.  In fact, I did a stint as a feature and entertainment reporter at a local station in New York.  However as luck would have it, a news director called me and asked me to do the weather.  It wasn’t something I set out to do, but I quickly fell in love with weather forecasting.  Despite pursuing my new passion, I still have a soft spot for entertainment.

In my blog, I often write about all things mommy related.  I’m constantly posting pics of my little girl.  You’ll also find me posting recipes and dishing about my transition journey.  Why not add something else to the mix?

Once in a while I come across stories that peak my interest.  I like to sound off on hot topics in the news, as well as events happening in my personal life.  As if my life wasn’t complicated enough right?  Please be sure to check in and sound off too.  Comments are always welcome!

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