What If Your Son Likes Playing With Dolls?


If your son likes playing with dolls, would you let him? This has been an on going debate in our home for a while now. There was a time when O would play with his sister’s dolls. His Dad didn’t like it, and neither did Grandma. In fact, whenever they would see him with a…

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Barbie Gets a Makeover, So I Put My 5-Year-Old to the Test


Barbie has gotten a makeover and many folks are excited about her new tall, curvy and petite looks. Mattel, the maker of Barbie, recently unveiled three new types of the iconic doll. Not only does she have different body types, Barbie also comes in different ethnicities with various hair textures.   A curvy Barbie with naturally curly…

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Easy Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki Recipe With Success® Rice

Easy-Pineapple-Chicken Teriyaki-Recipe-Success®-Rice

This Easy Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki Recipe post is sponsored by Success® Rice. All opinions are my own. Despite stepping away from my full-time weather gig last year, my schedule still gets pretty crazy, leaving little time to prepare healthy meals. I’ve managed to cut corners by coming up with fast and easy dinner ideas, including a dish using Success®…

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Is There a Right Way to Ask, “Are Your kids Biracial?”

biracial-kids-weatheranchormama (1)

I’ve always been asked about my ethnicity. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought that people were just curious because of my Jamaican accent. But over the years, I’ve managed to perfect the American accent and thought that people would stop asking about my background. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. Now that my husband and…

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Does Crowning Miss Jamaica World 2015 Defy Beauty Standards

Miss Jamaica World2015Defies Beauty Standards

Sanneta Myrie beat out 19 other contestant and was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2015 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, defying traditional beauty standards. The medical doctor was the first winner of the Miss Jamaica World competition to sport dreadlocks.   “I lock my hair because I identify with it. I am very much rooted in that Afro-centric nature, where we…

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Will Black People Consider My Biracial Kids ‘Black Enough?’


There are many shades of black, but not all are treated equally. As a dark skinned little girl, I notice that people treated me differently than my light skinned sister. Now a dark skinned woman, the same standard still exists. Lighter complexion is often the color of choice in my line of work. But, what does…

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Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Brownie Recipe


Zucchini is a delicious fruit that many people overlook, including myself. So, when I came across a few recipes that included it, I had to give it a shot. But, I’ve been known to add my own twist, and this recipe is no different. So, I came up with a healthy chocolate zucchini brownie recipe….

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11 Easy Periscope Etiquette Tips to Grow Your Following


Whether you’re new to Periscope or have been scoping for a while, chances are you’re making mistakes that may cost you followers. Having good Periscope etiquette makes a huge difference. I’ve been scoping for about seven months and have watched Periscope take off. It’s even affected the way we get our news. It’s given people a…

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