Bombs Away!

Baby O (Armed & loaded)

We’ve been home with Baby O less than a week now and it keeps getting more and more interesting. This little guy likes to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes, especially when it comes to diaper changes.

It’s no secret that changing babies can be unpredictable. I was a babysitter before becoming a mom. I also took care of my niece and nephew. So, I’ve seen it all. I’ve had plenty urine showers in my day. I’ve seen enough to prepare me for my journey as a new mom – or so I thought.

Baby O is like no other newborn. He holds the record for most pooping and peeing by any baby in my book. Changing him is like being on a battlefield. My hubby and I have to duck and dive just to avoid getting hit.

We were on our way to a routine appointment when I realized that he had to be changed.
“Give me five minutes,” I told my husband. But what should have been a few minutes, turned into at least a half hour.

I removed the dirty diaper from his little bum and breathed a sigh of relief. It was wet, which means changing would be a snap. As I prepared a clean replacement, I saw Baby O out of the corner of my eye squirming. In a matter of milliseconds there was shooting poop heading my way. I felt like I was in the movie Dodge Ball. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion! I got out of the way in a nick of time.

My hubby heard my screams and asked what was going on. I didn’t even have time to respond when he came into the bedroom turned war zone.

Before he could say another word, another round of seedy number two came flying onto the carpet we just had professionally cleaned a couple weeks ago.

“Help!” I shouted.

He sprung into action. But we were out numbered by an eight pounder. This time there was more poop with a side order of pee to go along with it.

How could this mess come out of this cute little angel? We managed to get the stain out of the carpet. By the time we were finished cleaning, we felt like we just ran a marathon. We were sweaty and worn out. Next time we’ll be fully armed and ready to go.

We had a good laugh when we were finished cleaning the mess Baby O left behind.
It may seem weird, but this is one of the things I love most about being a mom. This is the kind of story we’ll tell over and over again at holiday soirees.

Please share your funny/messy diaper changes.






  1. Jessie C says

    That happened to me. Also we had our son circumcized. So caring for that and the cord care for 2 weeks was really stressful. We had one of those poop explosions in the middle of diaper change. I had him on the couch and it shot out on my arms, hands and the couch cushions. I was covered in poop and at home alone. Luckily the couch cushions could be removed and washed. It took me hours to get them cleaned and put back on. I had to start keeping putting the new clean diaper underneath the dirty diaper and as soon opened it I would immediately cover him up with the clean one. Unless it’s poop of course you can’t do that. But it does help to have something there to catch it if it happens unexpectedly. Also I thought the peeing when I opened up the diaper would last a long time and I really didn’t. A few months maybe. He almost never does it unless he gets away from me during a diaper change. I don’t use a changing table so does happen. 🙂 I hope that made sense.

  2. says

    We use the changing station that came with the pack and play. We also have changing pad. Thank goodness for removable cushions!It’s kinda funny when you think about it. lol

  3. NaShara says

    LOL! That is too funny! I had a similar incident when my baby was just a few days old, I was changing a poopy diaper on the couch. My husband thought he was being helpful and took her dirty diaper completely away while I was grabbing a new one, Before I could get the new one under her, she started pooping and the only thing I could was put my hand under her. I ended up with a handful of warm baby poop! I was SO mad at my husband! He said, I was just helping you. I had to remind him that as the oldest of 4 kids and a veteran babysitter, I have changed hundreds of diapers, so back off! lol