5 Things Pregnant Women Want to Hear

Pregnant Mommy and Daughter

Having gone through two pregnancies, I’ve heard people say a lot of mean things. It seems as though the bigger I got, the more insulting the comments. Things that normally wouldn’t bother me got under my skin and I had raging hormones to thank for that. Despite the negativity, I’ve also heard people say some nice things. So…

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How I Lost the Baby Weight

I stepped on the scale at least two times during my maternity leave, and the needle never moved. But when I looked in the mirror, it was like I had become the incredible shrinking woman. People would ask me how I lost the baby weight and I’d reply by saying, “I didn’t stress out about…

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My Maternity Leave Comes to an End

My maternity leave is now officially over. I thought that I would be returning to work with everything in order. But, I quickly realized that I had a lot of unfinished business to do.  

Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 4)

Baby O’s Birth Story Part 1 Baby O’s Birth Story Part 2 Baby O’s Birth Story Part 3 It was 5:11PM when Baby O entered the world. I had been so exhausted from pushing that I didn’t bother to ask the gender, or maybe I just didn’t care. My baby arrived safely, and that’s all…

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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 3)

Baby O’s Birth Story Part 1 Baby O’s Birth Story Part 2 After the OB came in to check to see if I had dilated any further, he broke my water. Once the amniotic fluid started to flow, that’s when the contractions grew stronger. I thought the technique I learned from the Lamaze class a…

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How I Avoid Holding Baby O All Day

It’s been an interesting first three weeks so far. Baby O is such a great baby. I feel so blessed. For the most part, he’s pretty easy to figure out.  He only cries when he’s hungry, needs to be changed, or is just uncomfortable. Breastfeeding has been providing him with added comfort, in addition to…

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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 2)

(Click here to check out part 1) As crazy as it may sound all I kept thinking about was not being able to eat the entire day. I know you must be thinking, “This chick is a greedy beeyotch! How could she be thinking about food at a time like this?!” The thought of having…

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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 1)

I thought this day would never come. The last few weeks of my pregnancy seemed extremely slow moving. The contractions would come and then stop suddenly. At one point I thought that maybe this baby just had no plans of coming out. When I was pregnant with Princess, my water broke at 38 weeks. With…

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