Don’t Call My Son a Girl, He’s a Boy!

he's a boy not a girl natually curly hair boy

“He’s a Boy, Not a Girl!” I find myself repeating those words whenever someone refers to my son as my daughter. Honestly, I didn’t notice it at first. People would compliment my beautiful daughters and I’d say thank you. Then, my brain would do a mental remind and realize that they just called my son…

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Loving Day: Honoring Multiracial Marriages

Loving Day Honoring Multiracial Marriages multiracial families mixed marriages mildred jeter richard loving

Before my husband and I started a family, I didn’t know anything about Loving Day, celebrated on June 12. I happened to stumble across a blog and learned about the story of interracial couple, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving. The funny thing is that I remember watching a movie based on this couple starring Tim…

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Grow Curly Hair Fast: Simple Tips for Healthy Hair

Grow Curly Hair Fast biracial hair mixed hair care

Growing curly hair varies. However, an average hair growth of ½ inch per month is considered normal. I used to think that only certain hair textures were able to grow curly hair fast. But, that’s not the case at all. My kids had very little hair when they were born. My daughter was practically bald until…

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Can My White Husband Teach Our Son to be a Black Man?

Can My White Husband Teach Our Son to be a Black Man This is Us (1)

The challenges of raising multiracial kids are real. In fact, it’s been on going topic here on my blog. Some may call it paranoia, but I call it keeping it real. My husband and I knew about the bumpy road ahead when we welcomed our daughter in 2010. When I gave birth to our son…

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Multiracial Children’s Books That Teach Confidence

Multiracial Children's Books

Multiracial Children’s Books are a great way to teach them about self love and identity. Mixed kids are often caught in the middle of their mixed heritage. They’re taught at a young age to “pick a side.” Multiracial Problems – “No, I’m Not the Nanny!” Let’s not forget about the ignorant folks we see in passing…

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Curly Biracial Hair: 6 Common Myths Debunked

Curly Biracial Hair

I thought I had mixed hair care figured out long before I became a mom of biracial kids. But, boy was I wrong and I’m sure I’m alone. I’m here to debunk six curly biracial hair myths. Curly Biracial Hair: 6 Common Myths Debunked Curly biracial hair means you have good hair First of all,…

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3 Ways To Encourage Kids To Sit Still For Hairstyles

encourage kids biracial boy mixed curly hairstyles

It’s hard to get encourage kids to sit still for hairstyles. I was never a fan of getting my hair done as a child. It was as if my hair was being ripped from my scalp every time my mom combed through my kinky curly hair. I’ve always been “tender headed.” My head ached with…

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Winter Curly Hair Routine for Boys

winter curly hair routine biracial boys

Our winter curly hair routine changes as the temperatures drop. I’ve gotten emails requesting how I style my son’s curly biracial hair, and decided to put together a quick video tutorial. The great thing about this daily routine is that it literally takes a few minutes. Unlike his sister, we don’t have many hairstyle options….

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