5 Christmas Traditions I’ve Adopted

Christmas traditions elf on the shelf

Christmas traditions growing up was nothing like how we celebrate them today. Why? Because I grew up in a Jamaican household. When I tell people that my siblings and I didn’t write letters to Santa, hang Christmas stockings, or open up a ton of presents on Christmas morning, they look at me with sad eyes. For some reason…

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Family Vacation: What to Look for When Booking a Hotel

Family Vacation Plimoth Grist Mill Multiracial family Interracial couples

Planning a family vacation is fun, but can be tedious at the same time. As a wife and mom of two small kids, it feels almost impossible to meet everyone’s needs. But, I’ve managed to please the entire family this year by booking the right hotel. How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Family Prior to starting…

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prAna:Travel Checklist You Can’t Live Without

prAna Travel Checklist

After much debate, my husband and I finally decided to surprise our kids with a trip to Jamaica this summer. As you know traveling involves a lot of planning, especially when traveling with little ones. I like to make a travel checklist of must have items to make sure we have everything we need. When…

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Thomas Land: 4 Reasons for a Birthday Getaway

birthday getaway multiracial families Edaville Family Amusement Park Thomas Land

Planning a birthday celebration for your children doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw them parties. We’ve opted to swap birthday parties for vacation getaways the last few years because it took the headache out of planning a big event, which usually only last a couple of hours. We recently took a trip to…

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What it’s Really Like to be a Parent

What it's Really Like to being a Parent multiracial families interracial couples family vlogs

If you’re raising little ones, then you know what it’s really like to be a parent. You’re sleep deprived and you’re always worried for your kids’ safety. But there’s a lot more to it. For those of you gearing up to join the club, here’s a snip it of what you’re in for. My husband…

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Back to School Budget Tips With Kohl’s & Carter’s


This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included Carter’s clothes as compensation. When it comes to back to school shopping, buying on a budget is my priority. Let’s face it; kids are expensive! My husband and I spend a about 50 bucks a week on food for them alone. It all adds up….

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Interracial Couples: 30 Things You Don’t Know About Us

interracial couples multiracial families 30 things you don't know about us

How well do you think you know us? My husband and I decided to share 30 Things You Don’t Know About us for our Interracial Couples Chat series on my WeatherAnchorMama YouTube channel. Please like this video and subscribe! Interracial Couples: 30 Things You Don’t Know About Us If I were to write about each individual…

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Parenting Styles: How to Deal With Criticism

Parenting Styles how to deal with criticism

How many times have you criticized moms for their parenting styles? I’ve had my fair share of naysayers. There were some who didn’t agree with me breastfeeding my children for two years. Others believe that I’m a bit over the top when it comes to promoting healthy eating with my kids. But, it’s all good…

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