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Stacy-Ann Gooden is a journalist and former model, who has worked at CBS, WNYW Fox 5, and NBC.  She delivers the weather at News 12 Networks. But the most rewarding and challenging role in her life has been her role as a wife and mother. Between tracking storms and chasing after her little ones, she leads a busy and adventurous life.

Stacy-Ann has been featured on top parenting sites like BabyCenter, What To Expect and Circle of Moms.  She has also been featured on De Su MamaSits Girls, Transitioning MovementJane Carter and Spa Week Daily.  Stacy-Ann has appeared on The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Oprah Magazine and Lucky Magazine.

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On, Stacy-Ann shares documents her many triumphs including her pregnancy diaries and breastfeeding journey, putting my daughter through potty training boot camp, as well as sharing her post-pregnancy weight loss., has a diverse audience of families who want to connect with other parents, share their own successes and look for support when it comes to parenting challenges.  Here at, we’re raising children to weather the storm.  Raising strong, resilient kids with affirmed identities is a top concern in our families.

On the blog, Stacy-Ann shares Lessons for Our Kids, which aims to guide kids through life. Her Weather Wise series features cool weather-related activities that parents can try at home with their children. There’s also plenty more about multicultural lifestyle, career, healthy living, and naturally curly hair.

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Weather Anchor Mama offers unique opportunities for brands who want to connect with multicultural families and progressive parents.  Here are some ways that we can work together:

Brand Ambassador – Cultivate a connection between your product and our audience.  Weather Anchor Mama offers opportunities for brands who want to reach working moms, progressive parents and multicultural families.  We work with brands to create engaging campaigns and promotional opportunities to meet your specific needs.  Please contact us for more information by using the short form below.

Conference Representation – Weather Anchor Mama attends a select few conference each year.  If you would like to sponsor a trip and have your brand represented at a particular event, please contact us for more information.

Speaking – Stacy-Ann is available to speak at conferences and events to share her experience and tips as a weather anchor and blogging mom.  If you would like Stacy-Ann to speak at your event, please contact us.

Events / Travel – Weather Anchor Mama is open to travel opportunities and special events to either represent a brand, review an event or engage with other niche bloggers.  Invite Stacy-Ann to attend your event, a conference that targets your niche market and share your product or brand with her audience.

Family Trips – Weather Anchor Mama documents family travel in a regular series on the blog.  If you would like to have your travel or entertainment experience documented and/or reviewed, please contact us for further details.

Review / Giveaway – If you feel your product serves the unique needs of Weather Anchor Mama’s niche audience of multicultural and progressive families, please send product information via the contact form or email.  Please remember that we give preference to only the most relevant products and services for our readers.

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