Spring Roll Recipe: Easy Healthy Appetizer

spring roll recipe

Spring roll is my go-to-appetizer at restaurants. We stopped by one of our favorite spots and ordered a few for the table the other day. We don’t eat out on a regular basis, but the spring roll I had made me want to reconsider. Then I realized that I can probably make them myself. How…

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Ackee and SaltFish Recipe


Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica’s national dish. We had a ackee tree in our front yard back home. It’s always been one of my favorite meals growing up. We’d go outside and pick fresh ackee for our Sunday breakfast. My mom made it with fried dumpling, green banana, festival, hard-dough bread, bammy, fried plantains, or roasted bread-fruit….

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Healthy Taco Sauce Recipe


My family loves taco night. The kids enjoy eating with their hands, and this is the perfect meal for that. But let’s be real; tacos aren’t as yummy, if it doesn’t have the right amount of flavor. That’s why you need the perfect taco sauce to bring it all together. I used to buy the…

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What Should Kids do With Halloween Candy?


Halloween is over and your kids have tons of sugary treats left. Should they dive into their Halloween candy as soon as possible? Probably not. Dentists are urging parents to take steps to protect their children’s teeth. While they don’t want to spoil the fun, they say it’s important that “parents make sensible decisions about…

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Roasted Spaghetti Squash Recipe


Roasted spaghetti squash has become one of my favorite healthy meals to prepare. It’s similar to pasta spaghetti, and it’s good for you too. My kids are obsessed with eating whole grain pasta. Most days we have to bribe them to eat rice or some other kind of side dish. But, sometimes I substitute pasta…

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What Would You Do If Teachers Throw Away Student Lunches?


What would you do if the teacher threw away your child’s lunch? That’s exactly what happened in Durham, Ontario. According to published reports, schools often throw away “unhealthy” lunches. The Star reported that the Durham School District’s new healthy eating initiative has parents infuriated after teachers and officials have refused to let students eat specific parts of…

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Healthy Snack Recipes in 5 Minutes or Less

Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas weight watchers

I wouldn’t consider myself super anal about healthy eating. I just like to choose better options whenever possible. It doesn’t take much to come up with healthy snack recipes. Believe it or not, you can whip up some pretty tasty treats by making a few substitutions. 2 Quick Healthy Snack Recipes Options The great thing about Weight…

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Healthy Quick Breakfast Meals With SmartyPants

How to Make Quick and easy Breakfast Meals smartypants vitamins

Healthy quick breakfast meals packed with nutrients are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With summer winding down, that means school is just around the corner. Needless to say, our mornings are about to get pretty busy. Our son will be attending preschool and his big sis will be heading off to first grade in September….

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