Baby Faces Many Faces

Have you ever paid attention to the expressions your little one makes? If I count, there would probably be thousands of different faces.  She’s able to somewhat articulate how she feels, but sometimes she doesn’t have to say anything.  I know exactly what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling.  Here are some snapshots I took this week.  See if you can guess what she’s thinking.

How often do you capture your kiddos many faces?

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    I need to do a better job of capturing the many faces of Aryana, that kid makes so many different faces!! Princess is just so cute, love the cheese face in the top right hand corner, we see that face a lot!

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    Dontcha just love ’em. It’s not too late. I always have a camera handy. I don’t think a day goes by without having her picture taken. I’m obsessed!lol

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    What a sweet post and what a beautiful baby girl your little one is. I don’t have kids of my own just yet, but I always love to babysit for my friend’s kiddies and learn from them. It’s amazing how they see the world and how much they can teach us in the process :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Stopping by from SITS! Love your blog (and follow you on Twitter~@MyPixieBlog).

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    Hey Stacy!
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I think your blog is fantastic… Your photography and writing style are wonderful. I think so so much in fact that I’ve listed you on my list of “The Top Twelve Up-and-Coming Influential Women Bloggers” which premiers on tomorrow morning. Feel free to share, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Keep doing what you do Ms. Lady 😉
    Kesha of We Got Kidz

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    He Kesha! I feel so honored that I made your list of The Top Twelve Up and Coming Influential WOmen Bloggers. I’ll be sure to check it out! Thanks so much!

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