Plopping Curly Hair| Frizz Free Wash N Go Curls

Plopping curly hair has become our go to hair drying method to get frizz free wash n go curls. It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t require a ton of work. The best part about it’s a safe way to dry your curls without causing hair to frizz.

I posted a picture of the plopping method on Instagram and got questions friends asking how to do it. So we decided to put together a quick video tutorial demonstrating how it’s done.

Plopping Curly Hair Tutorial

Here’s What You’ll Need

A t-shirt or microfiber towel
Wide tooth comb
Styling products


1.Follow your usual wash routine.
2. Add leave in conditioner and gently finger detangle hair from the tip to the root.
3. Once curls are fully detangled, follow up with a wide tooth comb to make sure hair is knot-free.
4. Then add your favorite curl defining lotion or styling gel making sure each strand is coated. For my daughter’s fine curly hair, a little goes a long way.
5. There’s no need to over saturate curls because it could weigh hair down.
6. Wrap hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel and leave on for about a half hour.
7. Remove t-shirt or towel. Fluff and shake out your curls.

Hair may still be a little damp, so you’ll need to all it to air dry for a little while longer. You can also add a little coconut oil to seal in the moisture and you’re good to go. I usually omit this step during warmer months when my daughter doesn’t need as much moisture. Adding too much product can weigh her hair down.


If you want to get frizz free wash n go curls, but don’t want to leave the house with soaking wet hair, try the “plopping curly hair” method. It’s a great alternative during winter months or when you’re short on time. Rather than spend hours air drying your curls, all you need is an hour with the plopping method.



  1. says

    Your daughter is so cute! Going to introduce my curly-haired curls to this idea! My hair is wavy, not curly, but I may give it a try also…