Advantages to Kids Playing Dress Up You Wouldn’t Believe!

Ever since our daughter was a toddler, she loved playing dress up. But what is it about putting on costumes and tiaras that’s so enticing to young kids? I wondered.


Then I thought about my childhood and how much I enjoyed playing make believe. My sister and I would drape towels over our heads and pretend we had long hair like white girls. We’d don our Mom’s clothes and heels, as if we were grown women going out for night on the town.

Our brothers loved dressing up like superheroes, and would pretend as if they were fighting crime. Sometimes they’ll role play and repeat lines from famous movies while dressed like the characters.

Reflecting back on my youth puts everything into perspective. There are some advantages to playing dress up. For starters, it encourages socialization. Role playing also allows children to use their imaginations, and later become great problem solvers as adults.

They channel their creativity into further developing motor skills, which is what I see in Princess. She likes to try on different costumes and likes to style her own hair. Her baby brother isn’t one for dressing up all the time per say, but every now and then he does like to wear his Batman pjs and cape.

But when it comes to buying the costumes, Princess often complains about the fabrics feeling itchy. So, she usually has to sport a shirt and leggings underneath to prevent irritation.

When I told her that KidKraft sent her a couple of costumes to review, she couldn’t wait to try them on. But before she stepped into her Cinderella and pirate inspired dresses she asked, “Is it going to be itchy Mommy?”

“Try it on and let’s see,” I responded.

The bright smile on her face revealed that she was pleased with the overall look and feel of the Blue Rose Princess Dress.


Not only was it itch-free, the dress wasn’t poorly stitched like I often see with other brands.

With Halloween just around the corner, she’s got some great costumes to choose from. If she decides to wear the Pirate Winged Fairy Dressshe’ll have to pair it with tights because it will probably get a little chilly though. 

KidsKraft-costumes-weatheranchormama5 KidsKraft-costumes-weatheranchormama3 KidsKraft-costumes-weatheranchormama2

For more costumes, head over to the KidKraft website.

Do your kids enjoy playing dress up? What are some of their favorite costumes?

Disclaimer: We received the princess and pirate costumes to review. All opinions are our own.



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  1. Keyana says

    She is absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure she’ll look great in any costume she chooses to wear.