Natural Hair Update: How to Get Perfect 2nd Day Hair


It’s been a while since my last natural hair update. My hair has come a long way. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since my last relaxer. Some have asked if I missed those touch-up appointments every couple months. The answer – absolutely not! I can’t see myself ever going back to that. […]

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First Experience Using Henna on My Natural Hair


I’ve finally become a henna head. After months of contemplating, I decided to just do it. But, not before researching the pros and cons of using henna to dye natural hair. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks to using henna. Pros: It strengthens and thickens hair Adds shine Covers grays Less shedding […]

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Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

flexi rods

It’s my first time trying a flexi rod set on my natural hair. For those of you who’ve been following my hair journey you know that braid outs have always been my go to hairstyle. But, I’ve been wanting to try something new now that my hair has grown past shoulder length when stretched. I purchased about […]

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Protective Style: Retro Hair in 5 Minutes or Less


Ever since becoming a natural, braidouts have become my go-to-hairstyle. Now that my mane has grown out a bit, I find myself experimenting with different hairdos. The main challenge that I’ve come across is trying to achieve cute styles in a short period of time. So, I’ve come up with an elegant retro style that […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers for Your Hair

avocado conditioner

People often talk about different ways to make use of Thanksgiving leftovers. I’ve heard everything from using the turkey to make sandwiches and soup. But how about using some of those leftovers on your hair? The idea came to me when I looked at the slices of avocado left in a bowl after Thanksgiving dinner. […]

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Natural Hair Update & Aphogee Review

I can’t remember the last time I got a protein treatment. I read about Aphogee and decided to give it a try. Here’s what I think.

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Check Out My Teeny Weeny Fro!


As you probably already know, I’ve been dealing with hair loss.  I’ve been rockin’ a wig during the week at work.  But on weekends, I like to let it all hang out.  My hair is braided underneath my wig.  Here’s how it looks when I take the plats out. Right now it falls a little […]

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My True Indian Hair Big Reveal!

Don’t adjust your screens!!! Just building the anticipation of my big reveal.  Check out my new look!

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Flax Seed Hair Gel Made From Scratch


For years I’ve struggled with buying the right oils and moisturizers for my hair.  My tresses are fine, so adding too much oil tends to weigh it down.  Not to mention hair products in general can be pricey.  Rather than break the bank, my friend Dana recommended that I make my own natural gel.  She […]

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My Take on Castor Oil

My mom introduced my sister and I to castor oil when we were kids.  Since I’ve decided to go back to my natural roots, I’ve been using it to treat my hair more often.

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Transition to Natural

I’ve struggled and researched long and hard about this decision. But, now I’m ready to take the plunge!

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