How I Lost the Baby Weight

5 days post preggers

I stepped on the scale at least two times during my maternity leave, and the needle never moved. But when I looked in the mirror, it was like I had become the incredible shrinking woman. People would ask me how I lost the baby weight and I’d reply by saying, “I didn’t stress out about dropping the pounds like I did the last time.”

I hired a trainer and began working out two weeks after having Princess. The weight barely came off. In fact, I had a lot of aches and pains. I remember attending physical therapy for my wrist because of a sharp pain I’d feel whenever picked her up. When that didn’t work, I resorted to getting a shot to get rid of the discomfort. That was just one of the things I went through during my first post pregnancy experience. When it came to working out, I was too soar to move. At one point the trainer became so frustrated, and accused me of being lazy. I had to tell him off.

Hello! I wasn’t being lazy. I’ve always been an athlete. I was just in pain from having a baby! He acted like he understood, but there was no way this guy could get it. Ultimately, I went back to work a little thinner. However, I couldn’t get rid of my gut. I always new just what to wear and how to pose to minimize my bulging belly.

Weather Anchor Mama

Fast forward three years later, and I’m in the same boat. This time I ditched the trainer and I worked out whenever I could. The weight has melted off a lot quicker. This has also been my second time breastfeeding, and that has helped me burn some added calories. I didn’t go crazy with weight training (like the last time). Instead, I focused on cardio and abs. When it came to pumping iron, I focused on light weights with lots of repetitions. Baby wearing has also played a huge role in helping me get back into shape.

I began tracking my progress with an app call Snap it! Track it! Like the iphone, it allowed me to snap and organize my photos. The only difference is that I was able to add special notes on the back of each Snap it! Track it! photo. Dates were also included, but I had to make sure that I took each photo on a specified day. If I tried to upload it at a later date, the app wouldn’t track it properly. So after each workout, I made sure I uploaded my progress with a note attached.

Snap it Track it

snap it track it 1

Rather than focus on what the scale says, I pay more attention to inches lost. I’ve returned to my size 2/4 frame, and I’ll continue working out for maintenance. Oh and my biggest secret to shedding the pounds…breastfeeding.

Check out my pregnancy and post pregnancy pics below. How did you drop the baby weight? Did you have a hard time?

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the Snap it! Track it! app. All opinions are my own.




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My Maternity Leave Comes to an End

My maternity leave is now officially over. I thought that I would be returning to work with everything in order. But, I quickly realized that I had a lot of unfinished business to do.




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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 4)

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WAM, Baby O, Hubby

It was 5:11PM when Baby O entered the world. I had been so exhausted from pushing that I didn’t bother to ask the gender, or maybe I just didn’t care. My baby arrived safely, and that’s all I could ever ask for. I looked over at my hubby and with tears rolling down his face he said, “Honey, it’s a boy.” Overcome with joy, I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

WAM after delivery

As we discussed earlier during one of our chats, the nurse placed Baby O on my chest. It took a few tries for him to latch on. But when he did, breastfeeding was a piece of cake. Meanwhile, the OB stitched me up. Everyone in the room was in agreement that labor and delivery went quickly. It seemed like an eternity to me. But when I checked the clock and saw that only a few hours had elapsed, I became pretty amazed myself.

Due recent hospital policy updates, we were able to spend a longer time bonding with our newborn. I remember Princess being whisked away for stat checks within a few minutes of her birth. I felt less rushed this time around.

A sudden calm washed over me. It was like the room stood still with just the three of us inside. The cameras no longer flashed. The hospital staff had cleared out. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I couldn’t be happier in that moment.

Soon after my sister and brother popped in for a visit. Princess was at home with Grandma and wouldn’t be able to stop by until the following day. My Mom said that she cried all evening because she wanted to see her new baby brother.

I was surprised at how much pain I began to feel. I only remembered taking one pain killer after my first delivery. This time I was asking for multiples. Getting cleaned up was tough. I couldn’t have done so without the help of a nurse.

By the time I got settled into my recovery room, hunger had set in. I was starving! But once we saw what the hospital was serving, we decided to get take out. My hubby and I later enjoyed our first meal as happy parents of two.

The next day friends and family came by for a visit. But the biggest anticipation for me was when Princess met her baby brother for the first time. I’ll never forget the look on her face.

I hoped that she’d be able to settle into her new role as big sis, and she’s been doing it so flawlessly.

Princess and Baby O

Wam, Princess, Baby O

Each day I stand back and look at my family. I feel love. I feel blessed. I feel complete.



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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 3)

Baby O’s Birth Story Part 1
Baby O’s Birth Story Part 2
After the OB came in to check to see if I had dilated any further, he broke my water. Once the amniotic fluid started to flow, that’s when the contractions grew stronger. I thought the technique I learned from the Lamaze class a few years back was supposed kick in. But, I completely forgot how to breathe!

Thank goodness I had a great nurse who reminded me. She took my hands and instructed me how to ‘he-he-hoo-hoo’ as my hubby stood by snapping photos and shooting video.

“Where’s the lady?” I wailed, referring to the anesthesiologist.
“She’ll be here soon,” the nurse replied.

It took everything in me not to curse. I remained on my best behavior and held it all in. (FYI, I’m still working on my potty mouth).

The anesthesiologist waltzed in talking about some mumbo jumbo, and took her sweet time preparing the epidural. My hubby was instructed to leave the room while they administered the drug.
“You can come back in 15 minutes,” the nurse told him.

He gave me a kiss and said he’d call our peeps with a quick update.

The doctor checked my dilation status again. I was expecting him to say that I had a few more centimeters left before I could begin pushing. But, it was the total opposite.

“She’s fully dilated,” he said cheerfully.

OMG! It was like déjà vu. This same thing happened right before I gave birth to Princess. I went from being a few centimeters dilated to being fully dilated right after they stuck me with that big fat needle.

We were ready to get the show on the road. Everyone assumed his or her positions. I had a nurse on each side holding my legs up in the stirrups while the doctor had the full frontal view.

Before I could begin pushing, I realized that my husband was M.I.A.
“Wait! Where’s my husband?” I asked.

Rather than answer the question, the nurse ran out of the room to look for him. When he finally resurfaced, I was relieved to see him. But, the beeyotch in me couldn’t help yelling,
“Where were you?”
“I was talking to my mom!” he answered.
“Did you call mine?” I asked.
“No. They said 15 minutes. I didn’t expect you to be pushing so soon.” he responded.
“You called your mom and didn’t call mine?” I yelled.

Here I am starting an argument when I should have been pushing. Thankfully the staff interrupted, and got us me back on track.

Unlike the first delivery, it didn’t seem like the epidural took effect. Aside from a slight numbness, I felt intense pain and pressure. It was like being constipated. At one point I yelled, “I think I have to go!”

They assured me that it was ok and I did the deed right there. I didn’t have time to care. I wanted this baby out!

“I need something for the pain. This hurts,” I moaned.

It’s as if the doctor didn’t give a crap ( no pun intended) or maybe he didn’t hear me. He just told me to push.
I mustered up the strength to push while my hubby continued to capture the special moment on camera.

I was so far gone I didn’t notice the med school students who came in to observe the delivery. I was too out of it to even question why I wasn’t notified that this would be used as a teaching session.

It didn’t take long to realize that this baby was not coming out as easily as the first. It was as if my vagina was shattering into pieces with every push. To help things along, the OB gave me an episiotomy. I knew this baby would be bigger, but jeez! I remember only a little tear during the first delivery.

I moaned and groaned with every cut. With just a few more snips and a couple more pushes, the doctor shouted that the head was out. I thought that he was just saying it to make me feel like we were almost at the finish line. But when I looked down, I saw my baby’s head. It took one last push, and Baby O was born.

Weather Anchor mama




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How I Avoid Holding Baby O All Day

It’s been an interesting first three weeks so far. Baby O is such a great baby. I feel so blessed. For the most part, he’s pretty easy to figure out.  He only cries when he’s hungry, needs to be changed, or is just uncomfortable.

Breastfeeding has been providing him with added comfort, in addition to nutrition.
My husband said the other day, “I think he’s playing us already.”

Basically, Baby O loves to be held. But, holding him all day is impossible. Rather than have this little nugget play us for fools, I try my best not to always carry him every where. Otherwise I’d get nothing done.

I’ve come up with a routine that’s been working like a charm so far. I’d nurse and burp him, then hold him for a little while. Once he’s down for the count, I lay him down where his head is elevated to prevent reflux.

His bassinet and bouncy chair do the job well. But lately he’s been enjoying lounging in his Lalalounger. It’s like a big oversized pillow that’s placed on the floor.  When he’s done nursing, he’s usually fast asleep. Once I set him down in the Lalalounger, I can get stuff done around the house while keeping a close eye on him.



It’s also big enough to hold both kids. As you can see, Princess loves it too!

The only small obstacle is finding a spot for it. If you have a small living space, it could be challenging. Storing it away could be tricking too. I’ve been able to designate a place for it, so I don’t have to worry about folding it up and putting it away just yet.

If you do decide to get one, I would definitely recommend buying a slip cover. It’s makes cleaning a snap. That way if the baby spits up, you won’t have to worry about having a oversized dirty pillow sitting in the room.

How do you avoid holding your little one all the time?




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Baby O’s Birth Story (Part 2)

(Click here to check out part 1)

As crazy as it may sound all I kept thinking about was not being able to eat the entire day. I know you must be thinking, “This chick is a greedy beeyotch! How could she be thinking about food at a time like this?!”

The thought of having ice chips for lunch and dinner made me wanna hash out a plan to make a pit stop at our favorite restaurant. But, I snapped out of my selfish daze and headed straight to the hospital.

Once we arrived, they already had all my paper work on file. By this time I wasn’t having any contractions, but I did feel some pressure in my uterus. We waited for a few minutes while they got our room ready. My hubby and I sat patiently in the waiting area while I prayed silently for a nice nursing staff. I know, I know. I should have been praying for a healthy and speedy delivery, but that’s a given. In my opinion, having a great staff would make labor so much easier. The last thing I needed was someone in bitch mode because Lawd knows, I wouldn’t want to welcome my baby in the midst of a bitchfest.

As it turned out, the Lord was on our side. Everyone was super nice. We all chatted like we were besties, which helped to put me at ease. They smiled and walked us through the process. They also raved about my labor and delivery gowns.

We had initially arrived at the hospital around 1PM. By the time I was dressed and ready it was around 2PM. From that point things started to happen quickly. The nurses asked me a bunch of routine question, put in my IV, and hooked me up to the fetal monitor. I wasn’t having strong contractions yet. So, I was able to get my social media groove on.

I updated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also attempted to speak with family and friends. But the hospital had a weak signal. So, my hubby was able to leave the room periodically to reach out to our peeps and let them know how things were progressing. In addition to being my husband and doula, he also served as my cameraman. It’s a gig he’s never been too crazy about. But, he didn’t mind it so much on this special day.

He whipped out the cameras and snapped away. He also captured some precious moments with the camcorder too.

labor and delivery (IV)

By 2:30 in the afternoon there was still irregular contractions. The nurse then said that she wanted to put me on Pitocin to get them going consistently. The doctor hadn’t arrived yet. But, he had been checking my status from his office while seeing patients.

It took a couple of attempts and two nurses to finally locate my tiny veins. The Pitocin started dripping away while the other fluid kept me hydrated. I then looked up at the machine and saw the number 12.

“You’re starting me off at 12? Why not one?” I asked.
“We go by multiples of 12, with 12 being the lowest,” she responded.

For second there I thought they were really trying to speed up this labor and delivery a little too fast. After about a half hour I felt nothing. The nurse the increased the dosage to 24, and then raised it to 36 another half hour later.

In a matter of an hour and a half, my contractions went from zero to 180. The pain became so unbearable. The OB arrived and checked to see if I dilated any more. As luck would have, I was still at four centimeters.

The pain became stronger. I wanted to see if I could make it without the epidural. But, who was I kidding? I already got Pitocin running through me. The chance of this being a natural birth was nil. The inner bitch in me wanted to scream, “Where the eff is the anesthesiologist?”




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