31 Weeks: I Finally Gave in!


My baby is about the size of four navel oranges. I wanted to get a little creative and do some juggling, but couldn’t handle more that one at a time.

How I’m feeling: It’s been a very active week. In fact, it can be down right painful. I don’t remember this many kicks and somersaults during my first pregnancy. According to my OB, this is all normal. It also makes me know that I have a pretty healthy and active little one in there.

I can’t say the same about my sinuses. I’ve been battling an infections since the beginning of the year, which I address in a BabyCenter post. I don’t like the idea of taking meds during my pregnancy. But enough is enough. I’ve been accumulating spit tissues like crazy, and going through Saline like water. I had to give in. Hopefully, this infection goes away soon.






  1. Ugochi says

    It will soon pass and you will get to hold your bundle of joy right in your arms. Stay strong!

  2. Jessie C says

    I got sinus infections too when I was pregnant. Also get them almost always the first year after the baby is here. I think my body is run down. I also got the flu last year. With having 3 kids and working I don’t have the option of resting as much as I need to so I pretty much have to take the antibiotics too. It just helps get over it faster. I had one for 3 weeks last year and it was dreadful. Hang in there and get some extra vitamin C.