My Bags are Packed & I’m Ready to go!

It’s only a matter of days until I deliver, and I’m excited to get this baby out! A complete stranger said to me, “YOU GOT SO BIG IN A MATTER OF A WEEK!” Really? I wanted to give this person a a piece of my mind. But, I said absolutely nothing and kept it moving. I couldn’t stoop to her level. For the record, it’s not a sensitivity thing. It was all in her tone and the look of disgust that went along with her bad choice of words that turned me off. There are just some things you just don’t say! If you don’t have anything nice to say, why bother?

In any event, I’m done venting (for now). My mission is to focus on tying up some loose ends before the big day. I gave my hubby a list of things to do including installing and checking the car seats, carpet cleaning, and shopping. He’s managed to escaped being evicted, and it looks like we are right on track.

Keeping with tradition, I enjoyed a nice spa day to help me relax. I also gave myself a pedicure which was a bit challenging, but I managed just fine.

Fresh pedicure


I would have added that to my hubby’s list. However, I didn’t want to torture him. Believe it or not, he gave me weekly pedicures when I was pregnant with Princess. I finalized my hospital bag essentials. So, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

Hospital bag essentials

The only thing left to do is pack Princess’s bag. Breakfast and dinner will be pre-made and stored in the freezer in order to make things easier for us. I’ve been trying to get ahead with my classes, but that’s been a bit more challenging.

How did you prepare for D-day?






  1. Valerie C. says

    I’m so excited for you! I have two children and my daughter was 4 when I had my son 🙂 You’re bringing back nice memories. You’re so organized which is great 🙂 Best wishes to all of you.

  2. From Mrs. to Mom says

    Your are so well prepared! When i was pregnant I was NOT this prepared. In fact I think I packed my bad while I was in early labor. It wasn’t a big deal because early labor is pretty easy to work through but you get my point. And, I’m loving that you took a Spa day. i could use a Spa day and I’m not even pregnant!

  3. says

    How did you do it? The thought of packing while in pain freaks me out. KNowing me, I’d bounce before I had anything packed. lol. My water broke with my first, so I didn’t have any initial pain and would have been fine. I’d forget a lot of things though. But as you know, every pregnancy is different. I’m not sure if this one would be the same or if I’d have the contractions first. I wouldn’t be able to deal with the latter. We all need a spa day once in a while. It’s so worth it.

  4. pegster says

    The end is so close, you’ll be holding your baby in no time. I swear your pregnancy flew by. Boy or girl, princess will be delighted to have a sibling and you will surely love to see your babies interact. Probably the bet thing ever.