38 Weeks: What if I have a boy?

38 weeks preggers

Let the countdown begin! I’ve been feeling those Braxton Hicks contractions again. But, still nothing consistent. I feel it most at night, sometimes out of no where! As I mentioned previously, my bags are all packed and I’m ready to go. I’ve also got some stuff done around the house, and have done some shopping for our new bundle of joy.

I’m at the point that weekly doctor visits are a must. The doc says that there’s no dilation yet. But, we’re almost there! I have been having some tension headaches, so maybe that’s a sign. I’ve also been getting leg cramps, which can be brutal. It just lets me know that this baby is plumping up nicely and is ready for life in the outside world.

Speaking of life outside of the womb, I’ve been thinking a lot about the growth of our family. I know that we’ll fall into a new routine and everything will be fine. But, recent events regarding the Zimmerman verdict has got me thinking more about what it would it be like raising a biracial son. I wrote about my thoughts on my BabyCenter blog. Some of the comments can be a bit disheartening.

It’s easy for people to say that I should focus on teaching my kids about their heritage. That’s obvious, duh! However, it’s also important to talk to our kids about subject matters like this. The fact remains that society places us in a race category. If I give birth to a son, he would be considered black in many instances. I don’t think a cop would sit there questioning him about the percentage of white that’s in his blood and give him extra credit.

The only thing I can do as a parent is to educate my son, and talk to him about the code of the streets.

I’d tell him,
“Know your surroundings.”
“If you ever get stopped by cops, just cooperate.”
“Be yourself.”
“Be educated.”
“You can be strong and confident, but don’t be overly aggressive.”

For me, communicating with my kids is a must. I practice that with Princess now. She’s only two, but you’d be surprised by the information she retains. She’s already repeating lessons I’ve taught her. I think that’s why having this blog is also important. They’ll be reading this one day.

Have you had a discussion with your kids about the Zimmerman verdict?





  1. Vanessa, DeSuMama says

    Can’t wait to welcome your sweet little one! Wishing you all the best and a healthy, speed delivery. Much love, friend.

  2. jamie says

    you look amazing!!! I am really wishing I didn’t read some of the comments on the baby center blog… I can’t believe how much hate and ignorance is out there. Keep your head up and keep doing what you do. Boy or girl, your baby is blessed to have you as a mom

  3. From Mrs. To Mom says

    I haven’t had the race conversation with my son yet (because he’s not even two) but I honestly think my conversation with him will be a lot different than the conversations my parents had with my brother.

    My son is bi-racial but to me he doesn’t “look black”. This plays a HUGE role in racial profiling/discrimination. Many people say they can tell he is bi-racial (I’m the only one who doesn’t see it) but I still think it will be difficult to prepare him for racial profiling against him. I think he will have more worries about people telling him that his parents “shouldn’t” be together ( a la Cheerios commercial).

    Unfortunately, based on your feedback an of the previous commenter I won’t be reading your BC article. The first one you posted in reference to race and naming got too ugly for NO reason and I’m not ready to go down that road again. But I’ll keep reading your others! 🙂

  4. TheCocoaMommy says

    You look gorgeous! That precious munchkin will be here before you know it 🙂

    I have a biracial daughter and I will be teaching her how race impacts the lives of Black people in the US. If we ever have a son, he will receive the same talk. Both of my children will be instructed on how to stay as safe as possible. Prejudice, racism, and hate are alive and well within the US- which is one reason why expatriation remains an option for me and my family.

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