First Date Night Since Baby Number Two

It’s been an exciting but busy last couple of months. Baby O is a gem and so is big sis. But, my hubby and I haven’t had any alone time in months! So, I asked him on a date.

My mom took over baby and tot duties, while we went out on our first outing as a couple (since baby number two). We made dinner reservations for 7:15, and told my mom that we’d be back by nine. The minute we got on the road we agreed that kids would not be discussed. But, that didn’t work! Within the first five minutes, I broke our agreement. We enjoyed a nice dinner while chatting about how we first met and how we got to the point we’re at, kids and all.

It felt so great not having Princess asking to go potty, or taking breaks to nurse Baby O. This date was just what we needed.


Once we got done and paid the bill, my hubby convinced me to stay out a bit longer. Being a worried mama, I called to check in with Grandma. I could hear Princess whining in the background, and Baby O fussing too. When my mom asked, “When are you coming home,” I kinda new she’d had enough. I told her that we’d be on our way in a little while, and hung up the phone.

Our attempt at a secret rendezvous was a bust. We ended up hitting the road not too long after.  We enjoyed the few hours we had to ourselves. But, I wish we had more time alone. I can’t wait for date number two!





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  1. Jessie C says

    We’ve discovered that it’s really hard to enjoy ourselves when someone is watching the kids. So we rarely go anywhere at night. I think you should still attempt it as often as possible so your kids will get use to it. The more you avoid it the more they resist the idea.

    Another option..if it is an option for you…is have day dates. There are a few occasions that we will have a day off that the kids don’t or …we’ll plan one. Then we go do things together like go to Target, go to lunch, go for a walk, go see a movie, take a NAP. 🙂 Going to Target and walking around is so much fun to me when it’s just me and my husband. You don’t have all the normal concerns that you have with the kids.

  2. says

    So true!! That’s what we did for our anniversary. We both take the day off and enjoy each other while Princess is in school. We’ll be doing more of that. Grandma is great with the kids, but I know they can be overwhelming at times.