Blogalicious Recap (Part 2)

Blogalicious Recap (Part 1)

Adrienne Bailon

The third day of Blogalicious began with a presentation and Q & A with singer/actress, Adrienne Bailon – formally of 3LW and the Cheetah girls. Bailon was there to promote her new movie, “I’m In Love With a Church Girl.” But she also dished about her struggle to become a solo artist. Bailon talked about how difficult it was to be taken seriously and shed her Cheetah Girl image. Like the character she plays in the movie, she relies on her faith to make it through obstacles in life. She also delivered a message of hope, referring to her album being rejected by the label. Bailon said that being turned down has led to other success in her life. As with Amy Dubois-Barnett, I felt inspired. I love hearing about other peoples’ stories and how they’ve been able to triumph over adversity. It motivates me to keep pushing.

Adrienne Bailon

There were so many sessions and so many things I’ve learned. In addition to the keynote speech and Q & A, I received valuable advice from some of the sponsors who were in attendance. The representatives from Pic Monkey advised us to “take the time to bask in your own glory.” They also said that while most people read only 120 words on a blog site, it’s important to grab the readers attention. I felt compelled to have a private follow up session with them in which they advised me on how I can make my blog stand out.

In addition to the advice I received from the folks at Pic Monkey, I was able to chat with other successful bloggers who shared some valuable stories and advice in which I’ll be putting to use in the near future.

Just imagine, Blogalicious was the furthest thing from my mind a few weeks ago. I’m so glad that listened to my inner voice and booked my trip. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge to travel with my two month old. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the conference. I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s willingness to help me. Amy Mascott of Teachmama even offered to hold him while I ate lunch. Of course, there were some people who made snarky comments. I actually remember an instance where Baby O was crying and a hotel patron (not affiliated with the conference) saying that he thought Baby O was a pig. The Jamaican/New Yorker in me wanted to tell him a thing or two. But, he wasn’t worth it. In that moment tending to my baby was my first and only priority.


Amy Mascott with a busy Baby O

Amy Mascott with a busy Baby O

Baby O

Baby O

WAM & baby O

In fact, the highlight of this trip was spending time with Baby O. There was free daycare available at the conference. But, I was extremely happy having my little boy with me the entire time. Even though I didn’t get to test drive the Kia or attend any of the parties, I still had a great time. My only regret was not bringing to whole family. Next time I’ll be sure to scope out all the family attractions, and consider having Princess and my hubby tag along. Despite being separated, they manage to have fun by themselves. Princess even joined daddy at work.

Princess at work

Princess having fun

I also enjoyed catching up with my family and childhood friend who all live in Atlanta.


The trip home was just as great. I had a chance to hang out with Quiana of Harlem Love Birds. It was great having a travel buddy to chat with about the conference. Be sure to check out her Blogalicious recap.

WAM & harlem love birds

This is my first Blogalicious event, and I’m looking forward to many more.




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  1. Lorraine says

    I am so glad you didn’t address that idiot but chose to refocus on the positive. Thanks for sharing your weathermama journey with us all.
    Looking forward to your return on News 12.
    Have a great day,
    A fellow Jamaican ;-))

  2. says

    Baby O was so handsome in his little outfit! Glad that you had fun and got some helpful info. Maybe I need to plan to go next year seeing as how I am new to this blogging thing!

  3. says

    I’m glad you had a good time at Blogalicious! I am loving everyone’s recaps! Baby O is so precious! How dare that patron call him that…people can be so ignorant!

  4. says

    Thanks Stacey! I’ve been stopping by your blog. Sorry, I didn’t leave a comment! Love your recap! Love your blog design too. It seems like you met all the celebs that came through. I wanted to meet Cynthia:(. Maybe next time!