Baby O’s First Day at Daycare

I can’t believe this day has arrived. Baby O’s first day at daycare! This moment is bitter sweet. I remember experiencing the exact same thing with Princess just a few years ago. Having one child in daycare is nothing like having two.

My hubby and I spent the entire weekend preparing everything. We also had a chat with big sis to get her ready for the change. Rather than running around like two chickens with our heads cut off, we made a list of things to do and things to bring.

We also got everything in place before hitting the sack the night before, to minimize the chaos. It was much easier for my hubby to drop Princess off in the morning, while Baby O and I traveled together in the afternoon. I’m not at the point where I want him to be there all day. I did the same with big sis just a few years back, and it worked out better for all of us.

Here’s a quick video of how everything went:

Baby O had no problem settling into his class.

Baby O Daycare

I also poked my head into Princess’s classroom during nap time and gave her a kiss.

Sleeping Beauty

The mama in me had to call later in the day to check in to see how Baby O was doing. The teacher said he fit right in. Grandma and Daddy also said that picking up the two was a snap. I’m so glad everything went well.






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    Congratulations on a successful transition to daycare for the kids. Your makeup is gorgeous. Can you do a video on how you apply your makeup and the products you use?

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    I’m glad everything worked out for you. I don’t have any kids so I can’t give any advice based on personal experiences. I’ve also never been in daycare. My parents were very overprotective. So in order to keep my brother and I out of daycare, my dad worked nights while mom worked days so someone could be home with us during the day. I don’t know if I will do the same for my kids when I’m ready, but I can understand why they did. Separation anxiety is hard to deal with when love your babies so much!