Messy Bun Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial

Faux hawk hairstyles have become quite popular over the years. It’s the perfect way to achieve the mohawk look without sacrificing your hair. My daughter and I recently tried the messy bun faux hawk and got a lot of compliments on Instagram along with a video tutorial request. So, we decided to make it our Curly Hairstyle of the Week.

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Messy Bun Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial

As you can probably tell, we enjoy experimenting with different hairdos on her biracial hair, and this easy hairstyle was the perfect choice since we were short on time.

That said, when it comes to styling her long curly hair, the detangling process alone may take ten to fifteen minutes depending on her activities. I usually prep her curls at night to cut the styling process in half in the morning.

But, the messy bun faux hawk doesn’t require getting rid of her tangles. In fact, the more tangles the better! Most people opt for teasing the hair to make the messy bun appear full, but back combing her curls may lead to damage.

Messy Bun Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial

What you’ll need:

Wide tooth comb
Fine tooth rattail comb
Brush (optional)
Hair ties
Styling Gel


1. Separate hair into three even sections using a rattail comb.
2. Use a rattail comb or brush to smooth roots.
3. Apply gel to tame flyaways.
4. Secure each section with a hair tie without pulling the entire section through to create the messy bun. The more hair you pull through, the bigger the bun. As you can see in the video, we decided on a medium size puff.

Once you’re done, secure and shape your messy bun faux hawk with bobby pins.

This easy hairstyle can be done on different hair lengths and textures. It’s also great if you don’t have time to detangle your little ones’ curls. At first my daughter wasn’t a fan, but the style grew on her.

faux hawk messy bun

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