Hot Date With the Knicks

My hubby is great at getting me romantic gifts.  From spa retreats to broadway plays, he knows exactly what I’m into.  But when it comes to returning the favor, I’m usually at a loss.  He never asks for anything.  He doesn’t even drop hints!  Since his eyes are always glued to sports, I figured why not get him something he loves for his birthday–Knicks tickets!

After having my master plan almost falling through, I was finally able to pull this night off.  It was mad work.  I arranged for Princess to spend the night with Grandma and Auntie Sophia.

We cut it close, but we were able to make it in time for tip off.

Not your usual snack for a game.  But, we had no time for dinner and I was starving.  He had burger and fries and I had sushi with edamame.

Despite some key players being placed on the injured list, the Knicks did pretty well.  They weren’t the only ones who scored big that night.

It’s not easy to get my hubby excited.  But, he was over the moon at his birthday present.  He said I did good.  Who knew you can romance a guy by taking him to a sporting event?

What does your significant other consider romantic?

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    Oh how fun! You guys look great! DH and I stay in and that’s romantic enough for him LOL but our recent Toni Braxton/Babyface concert was a lot of fun. How was it for you leaving Precious overnight with nursing? When we went away overnight for the concert I ended up engorged just later in the morning as we now only nurse in the a.m. Hope you can sneak away for some more fun soon! Isn’t there a Vegas trip coming up??? =)

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    Wow! You guys saw Babyface and Toni Braxton? I would have loved to go to that concert. Sounds like fun! I miss ol school R&B. Believe it or not, I wasn’t engorged. I’ve been pumping again. So, Princess had some pumped milk for her night feedings (yeah she still doesn’t quite make it through some nights. hehe)

    Yes! The trip is coming up. I’ve been prepping her for that getaway for the past few months. Fingers crossed. I hope it all goes well.

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    Such a sweet idea for your hubby’s birthday. I love that picture of the two of you, hotness.

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