Family Vacation: What to Look for When Booking a Hotel

Planning a family vacation is fun, but can be tedious at the same time. As a wife and mom of two small kids, it feels almost impossible to meet everyone’s needs. But, I’ve managed to please the entire family this year by booking the right hotel.

How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Family
Prior to starting a family, I was okay with just having a standard hotel room with a queen size bed. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind staying in a double queen room. However, when it comes to traveling with children, we prefer a two bedroom suite.

We recently stayed at the John Carver Inn & Spa in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The hotel has a vintage look with an old school hometown feel. Our spacious two bedroom suite came with a Jacuzzi in the master bedroom. The living room dubbed as a second bedroom, and the kids put dibs on sofa bed the moment we arrived.

Family Vacation John Carver Inn and Spa Plymouth Massachusetts Bedroom suite

Family Vacation Multiracial kid John Carver Inn and Spa Plymouth Massachusetts

The suite wasn’t the only highlight of the hotel. There’s also a spa and an indoor pool complete with a water slide. As you can imagine, the kids wanted to spend most of the time swimming.

Family Vacation Multiracial Family John Carver Inn and Spa Plymouth Massachusetts pool

Family Vacation John Carver Inn and Spa Pool Plymouth Massachusetts

Family vacation John Carver Inn and Spa Plymouth Massachusetts

The amenities were definitely a great selling point. But, they also have other bonuses. The hotel is a 25 minute drive from the Edaville Family Theme Park where we spent our son’s birthday.

Family Vacation Thomas Land Edaville Massachusetts Multiracial kids biracial

The hotel also offers historical packages allowing guests to visit landmarks and other important places in history. If you book through the hotel, you actually get a better rate.

We learned how corn is processed at the Plimoth Grist Mill, along with how the Pilgrims harnessed power from water mills.

Family Vacation Plimoth Grist Mill Multiracial family Interracial couples

Family Vacation Plimoth Grist Mill Plymouth Massachusetts Family Vacation Plimoth Grist Mill Plymouth Massachusetts how to process corn

Family Vacation Plimoth Grist Mill Plymouth Massachusetts refining corn process corn

We also scheduled a walking tour through Plymouth with Jenny House. But, we opted for a powerpoint presentation instead because of the rain.

Family vacation Jenny House Plymouth Massachusetts  We later visited the areas mentioned during the presentation the following day.

plymouth rock plymouth massachusetts walking tour family vacation

plymouth rock plymouth massachusetts family vacation

pilgrim burial plymouth massachusetts family vacation

massasoit leader of Wampanoags john carver plymouth massachusetts

We also stopped by the Plymouth Historical Museum and learned about the Pilgrims’ journey from England to Massachusetts.

Plymouth historical museum Pilgrim clothing wedding and innovation family vacation

Plymouth historical museum Pilgrim wedding clothing family vacation

Plymouth historical museum family vacation pilgrim museum

Plymouth historical museum family vacation scavenger hunt

The Plimoth Plantation was our last stop. Visitors are brought back to the 1600s when the Mayflower set sail from England and landed on Plymouth Rock. We met with Native Americans and Pilgrims who gave us a history lesson from their point of views. We also had a chance to walk through villages and tour their homes. As you can see, the kids had a fun time being a part of history. Hopefully, they’ll remember the experience forever.

Native american plimoth plantation

Plimoth plantation native american home

plimoth plantation native American boat family vacation

william bradford governer pilgrim plimoth plantation family vacation


17th century pilgrim house plimoth plantation family vacation

pilgrim fort plimoth plantation family vacation

Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Family Vacation

Don’t procrastinate
I usually begin brainstorming ideas for our summer family vacation in January. I never wait until the last minute. Since both kids have summer birthdays, it’s easy to make our getaway a birthday celebration.

Our son is a huge fan of Thomas The Tank Engine, so I thought it would be a great idea to spend his special day at the Edaville Family Theme Park.

Travel during the week if possible
When it comes to traveling, we try to avoid large crowds. That’s why we usually travel during the week. Planning a trip on weekdays during the off season could also mean better travel and hotels rates.

Shop around
Some hotels offer rewards programs with discounted rates. You can also save on costs through travel sites and other third party companies.

When it comes to planning a our family vacation, I like to mix fun with educational activities. This trip had just the right combination. The best part about this getaway is that it offered one stop shop hotel and attractions, which saved us a lot of leg work.

If you do decide to stay at the John Carver Inn and Spa, be sure to sign up for the passport to history package to check out the beautiful waterfront and exciting attractions that Plymouth has to offer.
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What do you look for when planning a family vacation?

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