Winter Curly Hair Routine for Boys

Our winter curly hair routine changes as the temperatures drop. I’ve gotten emails requesting how I style my son’s curly biracial hair, and decided to put together a quick video tutorial. The great thing about this daily routine is that it literally takes a few minutes.

winter curly hair routine biracial boys

Unlike his sister, we don’t have many hairstyle options. Cornrows are a great alternative for little boys, but I prefer to let his curls hang loose.

Winter Curly Hair Routine for Boys

During the winter months the air becomes extremely dry. So, I reduce shampooing my son’s hair to once every two weeks, and co-wash about once a week. Believe it or not, his daily winter curly hair routine can be done in three easy steps.

1. Rinse Hair with warm water. The warm water allows for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.
2. Apply leave in conditioner in small sections. Moisture is key to maintaining healthy hair. I never use a comb or brush in his hair. The leave in conditioner does a great job of keeping his curls tangled-free.

3. Follow up with curly styling gel. Apply the gel in small sections to ensure that each strand is coated with the product to avoid frizzing. I gently use my fingers to comb through his curls while styling his hair.

We do this step-by-step winter curly hair routine every night before bedtime. We usually rinse his hair in the shower, and continue the regimen while getting him dressed. His curls are all dry by bedtime, and stays in tact throughout the night.

He usually wakes up with frizz free curls the following morning. But if for some reason his curls need a little refresher, all it takes is a little water along with a drop of gel to eliminate the frizz and he’s good to go.

The key is to avoid saturating the hair in the morning and stepping outside in cold conditions. Plus, wet hair and hats don’t mix. The last thing you want to do is turn those freshly defined curls into a mangled mess.